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Repaduski: Final Fantasy

I stumbled on this video by a content creator by the name of Repaduski. I gotta say, this youtuber speaks some serious truth. Not to mention his videos are concise. I would think some of his points would need at least around the fifteen-minute mark. But no. The guy gets it done below the ten-minute mark! Bravo. The video's title above just says it all though. Give it a watch.

Makes another good point in regards to tone and the such when we are talking about Final Fantasy. With FFXVI crossing the line, definitely does spark a question in regards to Final Fantasy, right?

And that is another great video talking about #FFXIV. We all know the story of Final Fantasy XIV in regard to me and my journey with it. I may not have put it in blog form, but I am a triumph story and now I have an OC Miqo'te, the Cutest WoL, one that I adore. And despite her, it's also the story is just that damn good. Repaduski does it well again with a concise and to-the-point video. Bravo yet again, friend.

Now there are more videos I can put in here but these three just hit the mark. Probably will share more of his videos in the future for sure.

Until Next Time!

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