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RIP Norm Spencer

02.23.1958 - 08.31.2020

Oh, 2020. You are one of those years, aren't you? Well, Norm Spencer, the voice of Cyclops through the animated series and all the Capcom related games passed away yesterday. I'm not here to say that he is someone that I have followed, but I will say that the animated series Cyclops was a huge part of my childhood. The X-Men animated series was also a huge gateway to my Marvel fandom. Needless to say, the man played a part, small in fraction, but he did something for my growing geek life. I also played a ton of the Capcom Marvel games and his voice was always in the back of my mind.

May you rest in peace. And may your words echo through the distance: "Optic Blast!"

See You Next Time.

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