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SDCC 2018: Coverage I

While I may not be at San Diego #comicon, I can at least share the news from other sources that I follow. Do understand that the things I share are my own personal preferences and things I would buy so I won't cover everything. So without further adieu, here we go!

The first I'm going to be going over are the Bring Arts line that showcases the continuation of the Nier Automata figures; A2 and 9S are getting action figures and they look absolutely amazing (I have 2B, need to get to the review here). Thank you, ToyArk for these lovely photos! I love the attention to the characters' alternate display options. Shame 2B didn't get hers!

And here's 9S who seems to get the most accessories out of the three main characters.

More on the Bring Arts line! I've already preordered Weltall and Elly! I can't wait for these figures!

And we get Cloud and Sephiroth Bring Arts from their KH appearance. I always thought these designs are weird but seeing them in their prototype figure form makes them look amazing.

And this.... I'm not posting these because I'm excited for these. I mean, they're probably going to look amazing but I'm not a fan of FFIX. I do feel that if they are going to start exploring their Final Fantasy series as a whole with Bring Arts, I think it's about time they revisit FFX-2! Remake Rikku, Yuna, and Paine, then we can go on and look at all the other Dresspheres!

Now here's the Sideshow(again, Toyark) area with the top of the line statues; highly detailed, well crafted, and crosses the line of sexy and badass. I probably will never own any of these because they are pricey; they are Sideshow products, after all. The ones responsible for Hot Toys, mind you.

On the Good Smile department, we have some pretty interesting line ups of Figma Ninja Batman, Overwatch, and amongst other things. Nendroids also has some cool characters, but I'm not sure if I'll be picking them up. I've already preordered Widowmaker for Figma, of course. That Catwoman is probably going to be a must. As if I have space on my DC shelf.

And what is a SDCC without Marvel Legends? While there aren't as much showcased, we do find out that there is a second wave of Black Panther coming and I am actually interested in completing the set; maybe. Also, seems like Hasbro is doing these accessories kit? Extra arms for Apocalypse BAF (coming soon for me) and extra weapons for existing characters in the past? That seems like a good idea! And of course, credit to ShartimusPrime for this video.


Okay as far as everything else, there are more toys that were showcased, but not as much jaw dropping stuff. I'm hoping the next couple of days will show some Bishoujos, but doesn't look like it. We'll see. Thank you to those sharing these news! This blog post wouldn't have been possible without their hard work!

Until Next Time!

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