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SDCC 2019: Marvel Legends

Yes, it's SDCC 2019. Yes, I'm not there. Yes. I suck. But hey, ShartimusPrime (the obvious video above) and BigBadToyStore (responsible for the photos below) got my back! Well, they got everyones' back! Now before I talk about how awesome these action figures out, it's clear that my #Marvel_Legends collection hasn't grown, if even, this year. Action figures are actually a bit of a dry spell these days, but definitely Hasbro has taken a hit. There are many factors but two mains ones are the most prominent: funds and space. I don't see that changing any time soon and I'm pretty exclusive of what I get these days.

(The Marvel Legends below are the ones I regret not getting; still might get them though)

I passed up on some pretty amazing looking Marvel Legends because of my 'situation'. Now don't take this as me being unappreciative of how fortunate I have and continue to be. I'm just stating that an obvious fact and the definitive reason as to why Marvel Legends were the casualties. Worry not though. Some of SDCC 2019 revelations are... tempting as heck. So with that said, let's touch base on the things Shartimus went over. Clearly not ALL of them are on my highlights. The Spider-Men action figures are also some of my wants and then there's Cosmic Ghost Rider, and so many more in Shart's video. Not going to put them in the list below so if you guys want to get a full view, go to Shartimus Prime's video. So without further adieu! These are the ones that I am really tempted to get!

With #Marvel_Legends on the wayside this year, it's pretty obvious to say that #BAFs are nonexistent. But the BAF "dude" Thor is just... tempting. Mostly for Valkyrie and Iron Patriot MK II. Probably won't get him but seriously. I'm tempted.

I'd want this just because it will add another X-Force member that was part of Woverine's Black Ops. But since 99.3% of my Marvel Legends are in storage, might not be the best idea for me to buy him. But I loved the original Deathlok so, yeah, this one is very tempting.

Colossus is one of my favorite brute strength characters. Juggernaut is usually his fisticuffs rival and this is just perfect. It's classic Colossus too so and that's one of my favorite outfits for him! And Juggernaut was a missed BAF on my part and the one with this 2-pack is basically just that but with an alternate head. Might cave in.

Oh man! I loved Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Executioner was also pretty cool. These just look like amazing action figures! Hela is an also missed Marvel Legends from the past and with all the accessories she comes with, I just might cave in!

This is my X-Facvor Havok and Polaris! It's so 90s that it's ridiculous! Havok's costume was a favorite of mine during those times and Poloaris look so unique with that outfit on! Looks like new sculpting too! Now we need Strong Guy and Wolfsbane! If they make those, I just might have to complete them!

This is preordered. I need it. Conversation over!


With that said, I know there will be more SDCC 2019 revelations with the coming of days. Definitely will think about these Marvel Legends I listed. I know for a fact that most of my funds allocated for aciton figures are going to #Bishoujo and *if* this wishlist I'm going to post in a few days somehow came true. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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