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SDCC 2022: The MCU

#SDCC 2022 is here! And Marvel got themselves a panel and since I wasn't there, I'm going through second hand news. Also, I'm not going to cover EVERYTHING. Just things that really got my interest at the moment. SO many to talk about and go through anyways.

Here is the timeline for the movies for #MCU Phase 5. Definitely quite loaded but there are some key things here that seems to be up my alley like Secret Invasion (oh please no murdering of Jessica Drew), Blade, Daredevil, and Thunderbolts. Of course the big ones like Quantumania and Captain America NWO is a must.

Fantastic 4 finally, eh? And Phase 6 is only three movies--with the last two Avengers being big ones.

Now, I have a soft spot for the Antman movies. I especially like Wasp because she adds a bit more to the entire chemistry. Quantumania will be heavy in terms of what is in that story. It deals with Kang the Conquerer so I suppose that's something. Also, we get introduced to Cassie as Stinger... maybe later on as Stature.

I have mixed feelings about this. With the passing of Chadwick Boseman, I don't think that Marvel should have 'written off' T'Challa. But we'll see. And there is a trailer towards the end of this blog which I'm sure have been reacted to death already.

It's based on 2015's Secret Wars so that's a whole hell of a lot of Multiverse. I wasn't a fan of that run but we'll see. The good thing about Multiverses for me is that we get to see some different versions of different characters.

But let's look at some trailers, shall we?

They really improved the CGI, which is great. It wasn't horrible before but it wasn't the MCU caliber.

Again, I have feelings about this. And I wonder how they are going to take out Black Panther, the most important character in that side of the MCU?

And on a side note, I know it's also huge but since it's an animated series, I suppose I just gotta add it in as an asterisk.

We are getting X-Men '97 the animated series. What and how that is... I won't lie and say I'm slightly nervous since the original cartoon I was a big fan of. In fact, it was my second huge introduction to the X-Men. But we'll see how it is. Here's to hoping.

Well, that was a lot! I know.

Until Next Time!

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