• Onyx

Sega Prize: Elsa of Arendelle

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Can't get enough of Elsa, can I? This lovely statue is something I have had in my possession for some time now. I figured it's just that time to do another review since, to be honest, it definitely deserves it. The #Sega_Prize statue of Elsa is one of those that doesn't quite come often enough. It's a rare jewel so with all that winding up, let's get right into the toy review of Sega Prize Elsa.

This picture of the box is an old one; again I've had this beauty for a LONG time. I didn't keep the box for whatever reason. Usually I would keep something like that for a beautiful thing like this but didn't think I was going to need.

Elsa comes with no accessories. As always with anything that I get my hands on, I see the lack-of as a negative. I'm a bit more lenient especially when it's a statue--I'm even more accepting if the statue is just well done. For Sega Prize Elsa's case, I don't see it as a bad thing. That it is of course, my opinion. Let's just take a look at Elsa and see where she stands for everybody else.

There is no doubt that Elsa has remained to be in the spotlight despite the first Frozen being released almost six years ago. I am confident to say that one of her appealing qualities for the majority comes from her Snow Queen dress. Any toy line who wish to get a piece of the ever-so-popular Frozen pie has to get her dress right in one way or another. So right off the get go I want to say that Sega did a marvelous job. There are a tons of sculpted details that is as accurate to the movie as it can be. Sega captures a lot of the tiny details that can be easily be missed considering how little screen time Elsa in her Snow Queen outfit got, all things considered. The snowflake designs on her sleeves are present and are sculpted instead of just vinyl. Her corset top has layers and not just flat plastic. Her long skirt also has lines of sculpting that incorporates wrinkles and such. Then there's her cape--this has to be one of the highlights in terms of sculpting. Snowflakes peppered everywhere, large and small makes it stick out; definitely pays homage to her movie counterpart.

Now what is Elsa without that pretty face, right? This statue does a fine job on sculpting her hair and replicating her facial features. Along with the cape, the face is definitely a big selling point. There are a handful of Elsa figurines out there but very few really get Elsa's face; the Sega Prize figurine is one of them.

Now I don't usually go over the base in its own section since most figurines I have (#Bishoujo and the such) gives me satisfaction in terms of base. The Sega Prize Elsa is a bit of a lackluster. It's not a huge complaint but maybe a snowflake design? Or at least making the figure stand look a bit more snow/ice-like instead of just plain white plastic? It is also worth noting that the way the cape is well sculpted to replicate cloth flowing in the wind, the tip of the said cape gets in the way of standing Elsa up. It's best to display her close to the edge of the shelf so that the cape can properly be displayed.