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SEGA: Xuanzang Sanzang (FGO)

Time to go back to the #Fate side of the fandom and see what #SEGA has to offer with a character I have zero knowledge about. But if one knows me well enough, I have a trend of getting pretty ladies in statue form and not to mention, Fate got some pretty gals. With that said, let's take a look at this figurine and possibly get to know something about this character, shall we?

Xuanzang Sanzang is a Heroic Spirit and is a caster type servant. And much like all of the Heroic Spirits in the Fate universe, Xuanzang is based of a historical figure--and just like the rest of her 'peers', the Fate universe took some liberties to make her.... adequately fit in within the Fate Grand Order universe. I have zero idea just how much more different FGO is compared to Stay/Night (UBW), Apocrypha, Zero, and /Extra--the ones I watched--but I do know that FGO definitely really turns it up a notch and has the most waifus to adore (I mean, Mash, Ishtar... and the returns of other fan favorites?). I might need to dive into it because even if Xuanzang doesn't seem to be the most popular, she does have a design that I enjoy.

Going to stop posting this because it doesn't really help nor is it visually appealing, right?

Some assembly is required with this figurine! Not hard at all.

Right off the get-go, Xuanzang's pose is not the most 'friendly' in terms of showing off her design. It may be gratuitous in some sense, sexy, and different from most of my statues, but it's definitely challenging because unlike most of my statues that either has a stand and/or can prop upright on their own, Xuanzang here needs a stand/base to help her sit and unfortunately Sega did not provide us one for this Caster. Fortunately, I have a few unclaimed transparent base that can help me with Xuanzang's photo shoot--so here we are! Now apparently this is 'stage 2' of her outfit and I do like how it looks. It's got some intricacy in her clothing, some fan service, homage to her character's cultural origins, and over all, it's got some nice aesthetics to it. And while I do say that the sitting pose does hinder some of vantage points, it does allow for some good visuals. And we are still allowed to enjoy the work placed into this statue.

Her design in general has its own flare. It does fall under simplicity and a bit more conservative, but it is not lacking the fan service that most Fate gals posses, nor is it spared of intricacy. To be honest, Stage 1 of her outfit is the one I prefer out of all fo them because of the hat, but if I was to pick between Stage 2 - 4, I'd say this one is the best because the others are just complex version of Stage 2. I like the headwear and the way her hair are done is quite anime-esque unique. The top is gratuitous, the lack of bottom piece (her top becomes the 'skirt', but she's full on pantsu happy) the thigh highs, the footwear, and just like everything else all fall in place together.

The color scheme is dominantly white with sprinkles of yellow and gold linings. It's definitely quite a mellow color scheme that is highlighted with some darker colors like purple and red peppered in. Good mix for sure.

Her skin is also pale and with Xuanzang's dark hair and glowing purple eyes, they bounce off each other quite well

Stage 1 and Stage 2 (Wiki). I'm guessing the staves are also upgraded in power (and aesthetics) between the stages. Kind of wish we got her staff for stage 2.

A cute design honesty. Not the stand out gal in the Fate line up of waifus but she got merit! That pose is also quite tantalizing too. Her hand brushing off those dangling veil from her headwear!

Cleavage. Pantsless. Thigh highs. Feet. Anime fetish bait for sure.

Here is SEGA Xuanzang next to SEGA Ishtar. Next to the Rin-turned-goddess, she is tiny!

Petite, not-the-norm pose, good design, cute character... yeah she's not bad. Let's just say after owning this, I want to learn more about the character and her place in FGO. There are many casters in FATE and there are a couple of hotties in that Servant Class--Xuanzang just adds to it. Figurine too is affordable and for what she is, I think she's worth the price. I recommend her.

Until Next Time!

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