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Shartimus Prime's Q&A w/ Hasbro

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

More New York Toyfair 2018 from Shartimus Prime!

It's common collector knowledge that Hasbro is responsible for Marvel Legends and a plethora of other adult toy collectors fandom. Why did I bother putting that as my opening sentence? In the event that someone is stumbling on my blog and is a die hard collector of import and know NOTHING about one of the major distributor of some hard hitting toys, well, there you go! Food for though! Moving on!

A Q&A booth with Hasbro! Would be so cool to do this. This takes charisma and I would love to be able to be in this environment. These guys are responsible for some of the serious fandom in the collecting world! So I guess, here's for me: what would I ask?

  • Are we going to see more obscure characters in the future?

  • Will the idea of 'additional' accessories for older figures ever be a thing for Marvel Legends (for example, will the Thanos BAF Spider-Woman get alternate hands, face, venom blasts effect sold separately?)

  • Will Marvel Legends ever supply action figure stands?

That's it for me. I can't think anymore from the top of my head. But I think those are pretty legit questions that would really cater for the way I take my photo shoots. Seriously though, this would be a cool thing to attend!

Until Next Time!

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