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Toy News 2018 (1)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

No, I am not going. Would be cool to be part of this kind of thing, though. I would love to go to another toy/fandom baed convention, but I already know I don't have the time and/or means to make it happen. So I'll just keep doing what I can do: continue to be an online portal for these kind of things.

JayC/TNI is a great source for a lot of the toy lines I collect. He's definitely not as eccentric or exuberant as Shartimus Prime, but he does get the job done with his news. His channel also features some Marvel Legends review (like the new Sasquath BAF with Domino) so check out his site if you want to see them. I do prefer Shartimu Prime's review more since he has a way to reel people in with his charisma.

Anyways, enough of that. Let me touch base on some of the things that interests me:

I don't get replicas because I don't have room for them but something like this, the Infinity Gauntlet is definitely a must. I do love how this is definitely an adult collectible. The price might seem a bit on the high end, but it might just be worth that price.

And then Power Rangers is going to be taken over by Hasbro. Why does that matter? Hasbro is the power house when it comes to retail/for the masses toys. I mean, they do make Transformers, Marvel Legends, and Star Wars, so what else can one say, right? For them to take over Power Rangers, we might start seeing some things that will definitely appeal to more collectors. Will definitely appeal to me if Hasbro puts the same care in there Rangers figures as they do with the Marvel characters. So pretty excited about that.

Aside form TNI, I do follow Toyark. This site is definitely a great source for ALL kinds of action figures: imports, local, and some obscure toys that the mainstream Toy reviewers will not cover. Definitely check them out for anyone interested.

Rest assured I'll be giving bits and pieces here on Masterless.Me, I own't cover EVERYTHING, but I'll pick and choose which ones are going to fall on the 'might get/should get/will probably get' side of my collecting life. Other than that, there's not much else at this moment. But stay tuned throughout the week!

Until Next Time!

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