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(Toy News) Bishoujo: Rarity, DC, Marvel, & Beetlejuice(?!)

Didn't I just share news about Bishoujo Fluttershy's prototype revelation? Then the revelation of Rarity's prototype sculpt just dropped and it's as amazing as the artwork! As I stated in my review, Bishoujo Pinkie captures the personality, that's for sure. Looking like Twilight and Fluttershy does too just by pics and now that we have a 3D prototype of Rarity.... yeah.

The first of the DC that is dropped with some prototype. Man. I might have to go with this one. But because of the complicating vine wrapping around, it might be an expensive piece. Worth the price, for sure, but I don't know if I have the funds/room. But we'll see.

Oh man. Mary Marvel doesn't have a history with me (she has a fantastic #DiD resume) but she's just adorable. Just look at her. She's probably going to be a must. Besides, look at that unique base! Wouldn't be amazing if it's "Mmmphh!"? But that requires a certain 'preference' to happen. Okay, moving on.

I don't think I'll be getting gender bent Beetlejuice. It's tempting. I just put it up here because she is just so bizarre. She might be in the same line with the 'horror Bishoujo', but ya know, it's pretty obvious I only bought Bishoujo Chucky.

I missed the first Bishoujo Phoenix and now that's going to cost a soul. Now I don't think I have to stress about it because this Dark Phoenix is coming. Look at her. She might be going to grab the 'statue of the year' whenever she comes out (presumably 2020). Nuff said with this gal.

And as a bonus, I totally preordered Karin! I gave in. I may used her once or twice in SF Alpha 3 and like five times in SFV, but honestly, she's just more of a looker. I prefer her schoolgirl look so this Bishoujo called to me!


So, that's about it. A lot of those that just 'dropped' are all rehashed news but this is the first time we got some prototype models. They're looking great! And the scary thing about this is that there's still some I didn't put in here; Bishoujo Domino is coming and I am for sure getting her. Then whatever SDCC 2019 teases as well. Space and money! Space and money! Anyway, that's about it for now!

Until Next TimeI!

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