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Bishoujo: Chucky (2.0)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Has a situation ever made you feel that there is something really wrong but can't find it in you to get away from said situation? Maybe it's because prior to feeling the feelingyou were having fun? Maybe it's because of that cute girl waving at you? Well, to be completely honest, if I ever find myself staring at a cute girl dressed like "Chucky" over here, then I'd be totally inclined to stay. Little do I know..... Alright enough intro. Let's get into the review of #Bishoujo genderbend Chucky.

Obviously this is another "2.0" review since I've had this beauty for a long time. In fact, in my 2017 Highlights, she was in there as a highlight for my statues. Unlike my previous few 2.0 reviews, the box for this gal was still accessible so I decided to go on with my review like I normally would with Bishoujo statues. It looks odd with no statue in there, but I do want to point out that this is a pretty unique box on its own simply because of the bright yellow color. It's trying to pay homage to the deceivingly kid friendly nature of Chucky--it being a doll and a child's play thing. There is definitely something a bit more 'child-like' theme with this box. That bright yellow definitely has a lot to do with it. Almost like it's kindergarten scheme going on. Makes me think of ABC's and such. Then, of course, the very well drawn promo art of Chucky's Bride is definitely something to be welcomed. Great in art and statue form!

I passed on "Tiffany" and the rest of the horror Bishoujo series. Not sure if there is anything about the others that will fully get me on board.

The 'Bride of Chuky' logo keeps confusing me. For the sake of the gender bend theme that Kotobukiya is going by, we'll keep calling her Chucky.

I'll go over the alternate head in a bit but clearly the "scarier" head is the one I consider default. I'll explain why but for now let's go over the sculpting of this beauty in all her glory. First let's talk about the clothing since it's definitely one of her highlights. They are, for all intent and purpose, simple and grounded clothing. Basically, it's something that someone could potentially wear and put into a fictional-horror-based character within the realm of a PVC statue is something I could admire. For Bishoujo's take on Chucky, the outfit is definitely made sexier and with some great care. The wrinkles and how they are reacting to Chucky's posture is quite organic. The wrinkle sculpting is more apparent in her denim jump skirt but it's also present on her rainbow-striped shirt and her thigh-high socks. Speaking of the socks, I like how its uneven, the right side is down below her knee while the left is literally on her thigh. It's obviously implied that the clothing article is tight since her skin is reacting to it.

Everything else about her is molder just damn near close to perfect. To be honest, I can't find anything I can say is off but just for the sake of the idea that nothing is perfect, I'll just say she's 99% perfect. I love her pose for sure. There's that innocent and seductive posture to her but we all know what she's hiding, don't we?

Pay attention to the knife now, why don't ya? So in regards to this, paint job is pretty good, something that Bishoujo will always be known for! As I mentioned, the casual clothing on a Bishoujo statue is not robbed of any of the paint detail. There is shadowing in the wrinkles areas, there are paint washes over clothing material that gives the proper illusion what kind of clothing it is (denim, cotton, etc), And then of course the vibrant colors that are mixed in quite well. Her flesh color is also quite nice and consistent--something that I just can't stop admiring about Bishouno statues.

Need a friendly reminder not to look underneath her tantalizingly short skirt? Yes, she has white panties. That knife she's holding is also pretty close to it.

Chucky has two alternate heads and the one I'm using is the 'horror' face. Mangled, held together by stitches, and that crazy eye, this face is the face of a doll that you never want to have in the shelf of your child. The face is also not the only thing changed; the hair has a crazy and wild form to it which make it a bit more dynamic.

The other alternate head is her 'calm' and non-frightening one. It resembles an innocent young lady, complete with the friendly cheer, the innocent wink(though a bit suggestive paired up with the pose of the statue), and the smile that goes so well with those freckles. The hair is not as crazy as her other alternate head which isn't as fun but still good.

It does make a small difference when looking at it form afar. Again, Chucky's hair isn't as wild with this alternate head and definitely the face can be a jarring change. I think this head works a bit more with the pose, but hey, the sexy creepy killing face does have a good way to juxtapose the whole look.

Out of the Bishoujo Horror series, Chucky is the only one I have in my collection at the moment. She's not the most intricate a some of the others but she has an appeal that is simple and adorable. She's vibrant and well made, (again, not to super praise Kotobukiya, it's something that they are known for: putting out some quality stuff) and most of all he has an appeal that I just don't see with the other Horror Bishoujo Ladies. With all that said, I highly recommend her. That vibrant and seemingly innocent gal will definitely make her presence known in someone's collection! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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