• Onyx

Bishoujo: Chucky (2.0)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Has a situation ever made you feel that there is something really wrong but can't find it in you to get away from said situation? Maybe it's because prior to feeling the feelingyou were having fun? Maybe it's because of that cute girl waving at you? Well, to be completely honest, if I ever find myself staring at a cute girl dressed like "Chucky" over here, then I'd be totally inclined to stay. Little do I know..... Alright enough intro. Let's get into the review of #Bishoujo genderbend Chucky.

Obviously this is another "2.0" review since I've had this beauty for a long time. In fact, in my 2017 Highlights, she was in there as a highlight for my statues. Unlike my previous few 2.0 reviews, the box for this gal was still accessible so I decided to go on with my review like I normally would with Bishoujo statues. It looks odd with no statue in there, but I do want to point out that this is a pretty unique box on its own simply because of the bright yellow color. It's trying to pay homage to the deceivingly kid friendly nature of Chucky--it being a doll and a child's play thing. There is definitely something a bit more 'child-like' theme with this box. That bright yellow definitely has a lot to do with it. Almost like it's kindergarten scheme going on. Makes me think of ABC's and such. Then, of course, the very well drawn promo art of Chucky's Bride is definitely something to be welcomed. Great in art and statue form!

I passed on "Tiffany" and the rest of the horror Bishoujo series. Not sure if there is anything about the others that will fully get me on board.

The 'Bride of Chuky' logo keeps confusing me. For the sake of the gender bend theme that Kotobukiya is going by, we'll keep calling her Chu