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(Toy News): Marvel Legends Retro Iron Man

Now that, folks, is a PROTON Canon! Now that is something I have been waiting for! Going back to Marvel Capcom days, this is definitely nostalgic and high on the list to add to my collection.

There are a few good things about this particular piece that really tempts me to pull the trigger: for one it pays homage to the first terrible season of Iron Man--at least with how he looks. While that will never mine or anyone's favorite Iron man representation, it is part of Stark's onscreen history.

And if there is nothing else to like about that TV Show, at least it borrows from the aesthetics of the Modular Armor--one of my favorite Iron Man suits. This set gives alternate heads and some special effects that lean heavily on the "Vs" version of Iron Man. I might just have to pull the trigger.....

It's even got the classic 90s ToyBiz case. Something I am VERY familiar with. Again, very tempting and I might just have to weigh my options. It's twice the price of a regular #Marvel_Legends and it's a bit painful. But, again, it's got history so.... we shall.

Until Next Time!

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