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Ukiyo-e Heroes: Final Fantasy VI

Did I mention that #Final_Fantasy_VI is my favorite Final Fantasy? I know I mentioned it once or twice before. If I didn't, I'm mentioning it now! But enough that! I was out of town and was on a festival that had some goodies. Stumbled on a vendor named Jed Henry who sold some pretty unique artwork of various characters from video games, animes, and comic books. What really got my attention are his #FFVI illustrations. One set in particular, the one called "A God Mocks Creation" really enamored me so without hesitation, I bought the entire set. Let me just share this wonderful art real quick.

The style of his art is called "Ukiyo-e"; basically it's a Japanese style art that really has this archaic look to them. He has taken the liberty to redraw the familiar faces of Final Fantasy VI and reimagined them in Ukiyo-e form. Just starting off with Kefka, the mad clown looks familiar even if he isn't in his normal threads. Jed combined his usual look in-game and his 'Mad God' final form and I think it works well. The colorful outfit translates well to his (robe? Kimono?) and that jester face--it didn't lose the diabolical visage one bit! With Kefka is Interceptor, Shadow's loyal dog! I can't read the writing but I'm going to assume it's Kefka's name? Or something? I'm going to just assume that every Japanese lettering in each page states the characters' names. And somewhere in the first page with Kefka and Interceptor, it has to say "Final Fantasy VI", or something.

Gau! Probably my least favorite FFVI character but I'm glad he made it! We also have the lovers, Locke and Celes looking pretty comfortable in this form. We have Shadow looking like a shinobi (as he should), and then there's Sabin resembling a monk. And, of course, my favorite gal, #Terra_Branford is so easily spotted! Her dominantly red outfit remains intact in the kimono version! While losing a lot of her intricate sashes, Jed still managed to retain most of what makes Terra's outfit recognizable. She even has her leggings and pointy boots! Her right arm is in her Esper form and it's a neat little effect. Glad it's green hair and not greenish/blonde!

The last page of this set is probably the busiest and not in a bad way! It has the remaining cast and they all look pretty good! Out of all the redesign here, I think Cyan is my favorite! Gogo, more or less, looks like his in-game counterpart. Mog and Umaro looks exactly the same. Setzer isn't wearing his extravagant coat and it's replaced by a robe. Strago and Relm look about how they should in this style. I suppose I can say that I wish Edgar's body was facing towards 'us' but the inclusion of his chainsaw is great homage to his tools ability! Oh, and this final page shows us that we are in Setzer's airship chasing down Kefka as if he is Bahamut!

The imagination is creative! The execution is breath taking. The pieces of paper they are drawn into makes them feel like they are ancient scrolls from Japan and that just adds to the value. This is why I love going to conventions and odds & ends festivals; I find original pieces like this that are rare or don't even exist in mainstream. The art is worth EVERY penny I spent on them (not cheap by any means)! For anyone who want to know more about them and their work, this is THE WEBSITE to go to. Seriously, if you find one of your favorite characters there, give the artist some love! Hope to one day be able to put my FFVI Ukiyo-es up on a game room. They deserve to be displayed! They would give my game room a vibe that can only be matched by the amazing characters and game that inspired Jed Henry to make this piece!

Until Next Time!

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