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"Your Name"

It's very rare that I step out of my usual comfort zone nowadays in regard to anime. I like what I like and usually, there is a certain 'flavor' with it. This anime though called "Your Name" has a bit of flare that seems to coincide with some of my deeper thoughts.

This movie is actually quite good. I definitely enjoyed it and honestly, my favorite movie that I have seen for 2022. I love the style, the vibrancy, the theme, and just the overall pacing of the movie. And the ending was awesome.

Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu are fantastic characters that dwell within the anime trope but stand out within the premise and heart of their movie.

I love Green Day. I have especially adored their "American Idiot" album--an album that tells a story throughout all the songs within. Whatsername is one of my favorite songs and the AMV above truly does reflect what the anime is about. Even the way the song ends really nails the ambiance of the anime.

I'm not the best movie reviewer, but I can definitely put it right now that this movie is going to be worth watching. I love it and thank you Green Day for helping me find it. Also, thanks to MoN for helping me find a way to watch it!

Until Next Time!

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