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Art Share: Arlen's Crusade (Tifa Lockhart)

Updated: Jan 20

Arlen's Crusade is now in full effect for 2024! And what a way to start, right? Arlen went straight for a very popular and often trending damsel in the name of Tifa Lockhart! With Rebirth just right around the corner, having Tifa represent what 2024 could be definitely is nothing short of fitting. There are also alternate outfits too so there's that!

The artist behind this is JustSomeGuy. An artist who I had worked with previously. This was previously a commission but it ended up becoming a gift that I appreciate a lot, no doubt about that. Again, what a way to really start the Crusade! He even went as far as doing expression variants and the tape gag variant was his idea as well! Truly something I appreciate a whole lot!

Now since this collaboration started, Tifa has had plenty of sexy outfits come up from FFVII Ever Crisis. Honestly, her default outfits like the cowgirl, the wall market dresses, they're all good, but have to go with the classic (Remake) Wall Market dress. Again, another well done.

With 2024 hitting off, can't be any more happy that we are starting with a strong Crusade addition! Much thanks again t JustSomeGuy for pulling this off, for the extra variants, and for a job well done. Enjoy y'all!

Until Next Time!

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