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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Season Two)

Updated: Feb 10

Well, here we are with Season 2 of Arlen's Crusade. And to start this beautiful new season, Sovjann lent his talent for this commission! This piece of art is working off a bunch of memes and also, it's kind of a 'meta' explanation as to how Arlen manages to snag all kinds of damsels, right? And Sovjann did an amazing job! Check out their gallery!

Also, don't forget to VOTE for the damsel variety! Would like to see where the crowd wants Arlen to go.

Until Next Time!


The List of Arlen's Damsels, Season 2! With more experience under her belt, the Omniverse Captor ups her antics. While the variety may not stray too far away from what was offered in Season 1, rest assured that the fun will be turned up just a notch. Here is her tentative road map!

VIDEO GAMES: This is the first world Arlen dove into for Season 2. A world just as scrumptious as it was the previous season. Of course, Arlen dares not slow down her efforts here!

Anime: There are a few more on Arlen's hitlist when it comes to this genre. This list will grow so stay tuned!

COMIC BOOKS: Variety comes with a price and this world is full of loopholes and multiverses. Some main heroines may find their alternate selves from another world becoming the main course for the Crusade! Doesn't mean that the main and other versions are off the hook though!

Animated: Will keep singing to a minimum. Some of these Princesses need some time inside the ropes and gags!

MISC: In the flesh! These gals, whether they are inside the ring or parading themselves on the big screens--Arlen will make a Damsel out of them!

OCs: The lesser known but still worthy of a Crusade crosshair, fellow OCs are not gonna be safe!

Nami (HoshinoBound)

Mandy (JustSomeGuy)

Bridget (GuntherTheGuy)

GroundBreaker (87DarkClaw)

Darkzarinn2 (Jupiter Lightning)

Aden (DiDnapper 2)

Kaie (DiDnappter 2)

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