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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Lavian & Alicia FFT)

Updated: Jan 20

What is this now? Worked with Night-Glare once again! Another addition to Arlen's Crusade for 2024? Yes! That's right! This time Arlen finds herself in Ivalice and who DiD she nab this time? Well it's the first default allies that Ramza and Gafgarion can recruit: Lavian and Alicia--two Knights from the tutorial battles, Orborne Monastery. For those who never got into FFT, Lavian and Alicia are generic squad mates under Agrias' command. They join shortly after the game begins and, well, they're not too memorable since they are just generics. Well, Arlen decided to remember them and add the two ladies to the Crusade.

Fun fact: I never kept Lavian and Alicia but as the years go by, I start making head canon stuff for them. Lavian stayed as a knight but kept her less-than-confident personality. Alicia, on the other hand, stepped away from the ways of the knight and decided on using all that charisma and confidence to defeat her enemies through allure and deceit--she turned into a Dancer. Well, regardless of their path, the two ladies are captured and turned into notches on the Crusade.

Until Next Time!

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