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Art Share: FF DiDs

Here we go! Another post about our lovely FF gals in distress! Unlike the one I DiD before, this one I have no qualms doubling up on artist and on a few damsels in general. With that said, let's go on with the rest of the show, shall we?

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Love this guy! Love his art! Truly! AAANND to give Quistis some love too? Truly wonderful! I love this bust of her!

Tifa, of course, will always get love. She is just adorable and her new outfit makes her that much better. He does expressions well, doesn't he?

Just cause Tifa looks good in pure DiD, doesn't mean that Scarlet, who sure loves to dominate people, doesn't deserve some "love" too! Full body, crotch rope, and a fitting gag. This one is a keeper. Oh look! She ripped her pantyhose!

While FFXV has its major flaws, it sure had some good moments. Gals like Aranea and Iris never got their full time of the day, BUT, least some #DiD moments seems fitting from Skele when it comes to 15's Dragoon.

Ah, Lightning. Strong, confident, at times a bit too cold... well, looks like she'll know how it feels like to be given the cold shoulder, right? Least she's still covered in her most intimate areas. Feet might get cold though.

Imagine playing FFX-2 and then THAT happened to one of the gals. Different playthroughs gets different gals webbed up (Rikku all webbed up please!). That would be amazing, right? I'm totally okay with gunner Yuna getting into this kind of situation. Honestly, I'd probably take ass much screenshot as I could to this day!

Shiva was so unorthodox in FFXV. Didn't expect her to be a Geisha looking woman that serves Lunafreya. Hiding behind the face of a calm and beautiful woman named Gentiana, the Glacian definitely played the part. Would have been awesome if she got a definitive DiD moment. Wanted to be a mortal woman, there ya go. Fortunately, KnotBot made that fantasy into a reality.

A tentacle shenanigans by the one and only GD. This time around, Paine is in a lot of hurt as tentacles give the dark and dreary Gullwing a due moment. That booty too!

GREAT-DUDE continues on with the theme of tentacles attacking another dark and goth FF gal: Lulu! This lovely black mage had captured eyes and hearts through the years and we can see why. Good thing the DiD community loves to ensnare her. Well, her dress got dirty now.

Ah! Another Lightning! When I'm a big Final Fantasy fan and hanging out with Wildcard, I'm definitely exposed and involved with plenty of Lightning DiD. We have done PLENTY of stuff together (at least 13) with the #13_Nights project. But on his own, he commissioned some neat stuff. That series right there with Blackprof... that's worth looking at for sure! Seriously!

Iorel is also a familiar 'name' in my blog and when it comes to FF gals, he is pretty darn common. When the #Dissidia_NT model came out for Tifa, he sure made use of it. I mean, look at that shot from above! Loving how Tifa's trying to pull her skirt down as if really trying to get some dignity back!

Then Rinoa's model came out and Iorel also made use of her. She's definitely an underused Damsel that deserves more spot. Eyes on her, should I say?

And while Quistis is still a rare one, the artwork that does shine in light of her are often too sexy and awesome. I'd imagine she wears something sexy at times--for this case, she was forced to wear a something similar too her classic outfit. The picture above is something that comes out of that scenario.

Undreused FF Gals need moments. I have always been one to give Princess Ashelia the time to 'shine' (Captivity, Prisoners, 13 Nights,) but she needs more. Glad Gadreel agrees and Fang isn't exactly someone I am against in getting some 'love' either. Great piece and great duo!

I've did it before and I'll say it again: Lyse is not my favorite FFXIV character but she is quite a looker and a moment of Distress always elevates a not-so-endearing FF gal in my eyes (even FFIX gals, mind you). Put her in a dungeon, bind her and gag her! It's a victory fanfare for sure!

Well, that's about it for now. The amount of DiD artwork for FF gals is definitely close to infinite. The later additions can only equate or surpass these last two.

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