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Art Share: FF DiDs

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The Final Fantasy line up is full of beautiful and capable ladies! But with ladies always putting themselves in harm way, there's sure to be a #DiD moment here and there both canonically and fan depictions.

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Fran is a favorite of mine, for sure. I may not be FFXII's biggest fan but I can definitely openly admit that Fran is definitely a highlight of that game. To see this sexy bunny in usual #DiD moments through fan depiction is always a blessing. Much thanks to Aidenke and Shio for making this happen.

Tifa is in a lot of peoples' list of hott FF lady! Can't help but agree with them. The remake boosted her already high status in the "hot meter". Her purple dress for the Don Corneo segment gave more reason to think of her moments in DiD. Well, PG DiD magic with this and I love it. I have to comm him one day.

by: Ravenor

Lightning is also a hottie I tend to look at. She may not be part of the FF that is loved by everyone (not high on my list but I like it enough), but she's not without credit. Needless to say, the DiD community took a fancy in giving her the 'love' that she often gets and not get. What can we say, she look good like that.

A Queen brought down to pure utter humiliation. It's a situation I adore. Ashelia is also another FF hottie that doesn't get the attention. Though when he does get it in this realm, I usually really like it. This picture hits a lot of the right strings! Humiliation, an inescapable predicament, a captive being teased by the captor... all check marks that considers this one of Ashelia's finer (in DiD realm) moment!

Celes Chere is another hottie from FFVI that doesn't get enough attention. She had a canonical DiD moment in FFVI but it left a few things desired. But, you know! We DiD'ers are persistent with that idea. It may just be a bust, but it's definitely enough to keep us wanting for more! I've helped a bit on that avenue with Celes, but always more is welcome!

by: Loz

Can't remember if I posted this one before but this is just a classic! FFX-2 Yuna was one of my first FF love before I moved on to Rikku and Terra. Still, when Yuna is in DiD, especially in her Gunner, I admire it. Loz is also no stranger to my blog so anything he offers that usually has some of the FF gals in it, I eat it up! Also, the hogtie is quite rare so I adore this one for sure!

Going to be hard avoiding a character getting more than one artwork in this post but Tifa is Tifa. That and it has the whole 'humiliate' and captor teasing captive. And the captor is Aerith?! Yeah, I'm down for this. Look at that grab! Kusujinn does awesome work with FF gals and this, this I'm awfully thankful for. There are also variants that I can't share since it's his Patreon. Go support him.

I'm not that much of an enthusiast with webbing bondage, though I am clearly a fan of Y'shtola. And while we were teased with a DiD moment with everyone's favorite Miqo'te in one (or maybe two) moments in FFXIV, we actually don't get it. Here's a webbing moment with Night-Glare then to sate some of that thirst. I have contributed to Shtola's moment and will continue to do so. Trust me.

And what's a FF #DiD post without Rikku? Drawn for DeeTwenty, this isn't the outfit I usually have Rikku in, but hey, I don't mind this one bit. A hyperactive Rikku getting dragged to a certain predicament while she's all bound and gagged? I'm in!

I had a thing for Yuffie before Rikku, but come X-2 Rikku, Yuffie was in the back end of the hyperactive FF gal. I believe that is KH Yuffie which isn't too big of a digress to her original FFVII outfit. Right next to a frogtied FFX Rikku, I'm all for it.

It is difficult to find a DiD moment of Terra inside DA that isn't #commissioned by me or gifted to me. This one is a nice little moment with Ultros getting the full advantage against our lovely ester. I know, she needs a gag, but hey, it's a unique and awesome moment.

Now this was an unexpected commission from another lover of Terra; and Stella. In the grand scheme of things both are obscure FF gals, with Terra having more popularity since her game did come out. But obscure or not, we can still 'love' these gals for their enticing DiD potential and the fact that they are badass FF heroines; we all know how much I love Terra Branford. So thank you, TerratheTerrable for commissioning this, and I'm glad my commission inspired you!

I said it's difficult to get a DiD of Terra that isn't commissioned or gifted to me. Well, here's a gifted artwork of Terra AND Rikku. This one is half for me and half for himself, FourPieces. Man used to be a constant commissioner and his love for Rikku is always a plus. Partner in the fact that he adores Terra and we have ourselves a wonderful recipe for a moment for the FF half of my Victorious Vixens.

I'm not going to say that Lyse is my favorite character, but I can't deny that she looks damn good in her red dress. She looks even better in distress. Fordola is a fitting captor and the two do have history. I just wished Lyse was gagged since the gal is a talker. Still, this is a wonderful piece!

To end this off, we got ourselves a villainess who got herself in a certain situation. While Edea would have been the better pick, I can't say that I don't find Ultimecia all trussed up not at all enticing. Neatly tied to her throne and silenced, this is indeed a wonderful #commission! More FF villainess in distress, please!

Well, that's it for now. There's no real point to this other than getting some good #DiD pics of some of the MANY FF gals out there that deserves some attention. Pretty sure this won't be the last I post something like this... commission or art share.

Until Next Time!

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