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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (86)"

Well, here we go! Another time for that week, eh? Yeah, it's one of those Tuesdays again! More sexy DiDs without a theme other than ropes, gags, and distress. With that said, let's go ahead and take a look at this week, shall we?

This ongoing series leaves me ambivalent sometimes. This comic that he is working on is not bondage-friendly all the time. It leans more on his taste and it's a slow build-up. But mind you, when the bondage comes, it comes.

Dragonball is not known for DiD. But that doesn't mean they don't have candidates. Bulma is definitely a classic and the scene above needed some 'modifications' to make it a gold star moment. Thank you JamOrbital for fixing that. Also, expect some DB-DiD in this account in the near/far future. Perhaps as part of Arlens' Crusade Season II?

Imagine hearing these ladies while grinding another round of Fortnite. Gagged moanings would throw my game off. These gals probably don't appreciate being forced to be heard, eh?

This is definitely pretty lewd. I really should watch this show someday. It looks pretty darn fun and .... lewd, but not as lewd as the pic above. I'm going to take a wild guess that artwork didn't happen in the anime.

I will always choose Kimberly as my go-to Pink Ranger. Catherine had big shoes to fill especially when she was wearing Kim's OG Pink Ranger outfit. But I think she came to her shell when she wore the ZEO Ranger outfit. It really does fit her and it sets her apart from Kim. Oh, she's also a worthy trophy which is why she's there.

Vanquish was a damn good game. Full of testosterone and all of that. Elena was a good change during cutscenes. The game made sure you knew she was there. And her legs. Guaky really hit it home cause DiD of her is rare. VERY rare.

Dragonball DiD art is going to be a bit more common. A Super Saiyan Damsel? DOWN!

Dragon Age's Morrigan is a gal worthy of some ropes. The look and the name mingle quite right. Just as flawlessly fitting as the snug ropes around her body.

Well, that's it for this Tuesday folks. I'd also like to announce that this past Sunday the 14th was #DIDの日! Just so it's out there. Well, enjoy the week!

Until Next Time!

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