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Art Share: Lady D (Resident Evil VI.l.lage) 1

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

For this edition of #Art_Share, I'm going to talk about a character that is taking the fandom world by storm! From the upcoming installment of the legendary Resident Evil series, let's talk about Lady Dimistrescu, or #Lady_D! Resident Evil V.I.l.l.age's new BOW baddie!

Elegance, looks that could kill, and a height that towers even Andre. This vampiress(?) could really put Tyrant and Mr. X to shame if she's as dangerous and as intelligent as she portrays herself to be.

And, of course, there is a certain level of sexuality that goes along with her. There's also a ton of 'preference' that she hits that I can only fathom the amount of euphoria she evokes with that kind of appeal!

That's a really different style for PryWinko, mind you. An artist who is no stranger to my blog for obvious reasons.

Yeah. Looks that could kill and sexuality that could arouse to the point of punishing one's urges.... seriously.

Tall sexy Vampiress and tall sexy Witch? Yeah, I'm down with that. I do think that Bayonetta has an advantage though--magic and all. But, I don't know just how much Lady D has to offer--yet.

Might be surprised to read considering how much I ogled over her in this post but I'm not into her as much as others are (believe me, #Twitter can't get enough of her). I do understand the appeal and the potential is nearly infinite with this one. But, let's actually see what she does in her featured game appearance. Can't wait to see that... even if I'm not going to be playing it.

Until Next Time!

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