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Art Share: Ranni the Snow Witch

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Alright! This is kind of a long time coming! Ranni the Witch is definitely a stand-out character from Elden Ring. I adore her. The Snow Witch as they call her, Ranni is unique because she has that FromSoftware aura, the glowing and almost too 'white' aesthetics for the grim and gloom game she comes from, the unique four arms, the quest that entails with her, and she's got that overall charm. So, yes. I adore her. Needless to say, the internet was quick to put its spin on this Demigoddess and so without further adieu, the daughter of Rennala and Radagon shall grace us within this blog. Credits and links to the artists on each picture. Enjoy!

Let's start with something 'familiar' in terms of canon Ranni. Familiar pose and definitely a good take, luffie does some serious magic with this take on the Snow Witch.

One can't forget that Ranni is associated with the moon.

Alright! Now it's time to start really getting into the steamier NSFW art work of Ranni--something I know this crowd had already expected the moment Ranni was revealed! So here we have Liang-Xing who seems to always be featured on my blog for reasons. #Artshare blog posts would never be the same without this artist and I'm happy for the 'almost' SFW and then we have the one on the left which is.... yeah. Ranni taking the consort rapport to another level. And I'm all for it! Let's go!

If Liang-Xing is the jab, then dandonfuga is the cross. Or vice versa. I mean, umbasa, what else is there to say about this picture? Seek lover then offer rump!

Annnddd... Prywinko would be another follow-up hit that usually hits it out of the park when it comes to pin-ups.

Woof! Logancure! Yeah, the artist always adds in some saucy stuff! Can't go on this kind of blog post too without Logan adding something in!

And Sakimichan--talent for sure. But I have reasons why I rarely put her in my blog. Again, she's talent, but not all of her stuff hits the core for me. This one of Ranni does though, however.

Going back to a bit more on the SFW, nixeu adds in a fantastic canary that is familiar, yet again, but definitely something that isn't getting old!

AND here we are with the 'normal' Ranni fan art on this blog post (normal). This one by quirkilicious adds in a 'story' for sure. It's great. It's definitely drawn with care, knowledge, and service.

And now we are going towards the #DiD realm! A lot of the below are from one core artist but it's still great. Let's check this out, shall we?

Well it's #Loz. Variations were meant to arrive sooner than later--and no sooner than a few days after this Tied Up Tuesday post!

Ranni, to me, is definitely the stand out gal in Elden Ring.


And Malenia is another one! Although her condition does cause some distortions in her otherwise gorgeous self, I do find it as a homage of some sort that her face--the eyes in particular, reminds me of the Maiden in Black. But here she is with Ranni. The two definitely deserve this time together.

This is a nice addition this year. Ranni is caught inside her own web of lies, and plots. Is she gagged with her own clothing too?


This is going to go to the other prominent "level-up Maiden".

What? Thought we'd leave this lovely alone? Thank you to Panelbind for this lovely image!

Foot fetish on a From Software level-up Maiden? Really? Is that possible? Yeah, sarcasm. And this is Ranni's doing, apparently.

Well, that's about it. I'm sure we are going to have more Ranni/Melina DiD and sexy work coming up in the near and far future. HECK! Arlen's Crusade might feature one of these gals soon. But in the meantime, please check out the artists' gallery! They're awesome, they're saucy, and definitely, talent made! Enjoy them!

Until Next Time!

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