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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (3)"

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It's that day! #Tied_Up_Tuesday! A second Tuesday in a row! I might be on to something! Well, here we go! One random from my favorite section and another from Twitter that I just had to add in! Enjoy!

This guys' art! It's legendary among the #DiD community even if his reign in DA is quite short all things considered. He had some comics/manga work that had some harsh moments but were so damn good in terms of art style I wanted to work with him (still do) but that seems almost impossible. But hey, least his work still lingers soon DA! Do check out Sibaren's gallery!

Well, if there isn't anything else going on, we all know that #Elden_Ring is a hot commodity right now. The game is amazing and it has some pretty unique and fascinating characters. Ranni/Renna (still not finished with her main quest so that is still not 100% clear with me as to why she has 2 names) is definitely a stand out character and, of course, the DiD community is more than happy to introduce her to "our ways". Having four arms definitely makes her an interesting addition to our infinite 'qualified' members. And since this is Loz's work, a gag variant is going soon, I'm sure, to which I will either update this post or just slap a new one. We'll see how much the Elden Ring DiD art has come by then, eh?

Well that's it for this week for Tied Up Tuesday!

Until Next Time!

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