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Art Share: Samurai, Kunoichi, & Gunner II

Updated: May 16, 2023

So.... the girls were kicking some serious butt--up until they got theirs handed to them and, well, you know. Seems that they underestimated the barriers for their mission, didn't they? Looks like they are having some moments to reconsider the route they took, eh?

BUT! Alls well and ends well. Partying time for all the things they have gone through! And look, no rope burns! Mission accomplished! And now it's time to partaaaay! Much thanks again to FourPieces for another amazing piece. He has been nothing short of generous for these pieces he has been doing. Also, credit goes again to Hojojutsutengu for allowing the adorable Miyuri to join the fray--in #DiD or being sexy as she is!

Until Next Time!

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