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Art Share: Sibling Bonding (DOA)

Iorel-San is a renderer who I respect and adore a ton. He is no stranger in my blog and more than once his work has found its way on this side of my web (Tifa & Terra, Yuna). So what's this about? Well, while I'm not the biggest guru when it comes to DOA, I do know that there are some hotties in there and Iorel was kind enough to do some rendering for us!

Yes, it escalated pretty quick. With that said, say hello to Misaki and Nagisa. They're one of the many hotties of Dead or Alive. They're not going to be fighting this time around--least, not the traditional sense. Their battle is solely on the ropes and gags that are holding them tight.

Iorel tells a story through the images and the narration within the image description. I'm not going to post every single piece. Go check out his page to see all the goodies. And read the story! It's both hilarious and gives more context to an already kinky DiD rendering. Trust me, ya won't regret it!

But Iorel was very gracious to let me share a pic he didn't post on his page. This one is rather lovely. He said it didn't fit the 'theme' and it's just a 'bondage pic' for the sake of bondage pic and I get what he's saying. Still, it's a lovely piece that deserves the light of day! Those gags, the rope work, the way the ladies are just positioned for the proper angle while still hiding some of their precious form. The man does wonders with rendering; or he's seen enough DiD videos like I have. But seriously, go check out Iorel's page! It's worth it!

Until Next Time!

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