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Commission: Songstress Yuna's Concert

Ah, #Dissidia_NT. A fantastic (to me) game that failed hard. Now, not going to get into that DEBACLE but I do want to talk about The Songstress Yuna DLC outfit. I was actually thinking that Yuna's Gunner outfit would have been the fair choice but the Songstress is NOT a bad decision. If there was one other Dressphere that was in a cutscene, it's the Songstress! It seriously needed some #DiD love!

So what do I do? Well, I hire a fantastic renderer, Iorel-Renders, and we do some magic and BOOM! This #commission happened!

Yunie isn't the only one who has had some distress while wearing this Dressphere. Same situation and same humiliation. I'm sure Rikku isn't thrilled (or could be) that her cousin is in the same predicament as her. Would sell some tickets though! An infinite amount of thanks to Skelebomb for the Rikku commission way back when!

The fact that Yuna's bound and gagged in public, something that Iorel DiD with amazing execution. Imagine all those lovely grunts, groans, and 'mmppph'ing' while 'gagged' with that microphone! And that strappado going on? Yep!

Yuna may want to sing 1000 words but I tell you what, ain't a single word gonna come out the way she wants and needs it to! Again, fantastic commission! This is why I adore Iorel so much! Thanks, my man! Until next time!

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