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Art Share: Spider-Woman's Back in her Classic

Well, after getting a Brand New Costume in 2019 (officially worn in 2020), Jessica Drew is finally back in her old threads! And what do I have to say about that? Well, I'm pretty happy, actually.

I wonder why she's so irritated? lol

I personally had not issues with her 'black ops' outfit. I actually really like it. Heck, I even liked her 'casual' costume. It's just that I will always gravitate towards the classic. With that said, I do hope that she pulls out the other threads once in a while. It's good to have different outfits for different occasions. I mean, the (former) new outfit looks good for black ops and the 'casual' outfit looks good for everyday outings. Just my notion.

Ah. Familiar. The beauty of it!

Go ninja, go ninja go!

Here comes the classic! Supposedly, there are 'new' modifications. I'm not sure if that implies that underneath the tights are nano-tech or something, but aesthetically, I see a minor change on the diamond on her stomach and the web pits are smaller. Maybe? OH well! Just glad she is back with her old threads. Speaking of, I need to get the graphic novel of her new adventures with the black costume. Maybe some good things came out of that? I doubt there would have been a chair scene involving her, but hey! I think I took care of That (and will continue to do so). Well, that's about it for that!

Until Next Time!

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