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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (26)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Well, this week's #Tied_Up_Tuesday is going to have a lot more than usual. Trying to make up for the past weeks missed, I guess? Well, let's get right into it then! As usual, click the pictures for the original source and artists' galleries!

I hardly remember "Miner Y'shtola". I wish I do remember it because seeing how much goodness there was behind all of this, I could've cooked up more #DiD moments in mind. Regardless, since this was in #ARR #FFXIV, Y'shtola was not as capable as she would end up being so her getting caught and overpowered while trying to go undercover is definitely more than plausible. Guess she was undermined? Thanks again for this, Sahalizard. Also, DiDn't A'rlen get into shenanigans like her lovely friend with benefits over here? Perhaps she DiD!

I understand that Ada Wong isn't exactly trussed up here. BUT the implications that she went through an ordeal definitely is enough to sell her as a #DiD even if the ropes are not exactly form-fitting now. Also, #Kinktober is definitely something to pass out for. Waywardblue knocks it out of the park again.

There are several things quite alluring about this piece. And while I am more of a Daphne lover, there Velma is always a welcomed DiD in my book. Pointlamp is another renderer always worthy of a shout-out!

I know, right? Mostly 3D stuff then we have a fantastic manipulation sequence. Seriously, going to have to keep a close eye on Haloguy12 over here! And Ivy, you really are capable of so much more, eh? Loving it!

Well, that's about it for this week. Hope y'all enjoyed it! Do check out the wonderful artists/Deviants! They deserve all the attention in the world!

Until Next Time!

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