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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Disney Ladies I

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

It is definitely that time! And we got a theme again! This time, we are going magical! What does that mean, you ask? Well, the #DiDs the time around for #Tied_Up_Tuesday are a very small portion of the lovely gals in Disney. Not just the famous Princesses or what not, but a couple not a well known. With that said, let's not delay! Let's get to the lovelies, shall we?

Can't go on a list like this without one of my Victorious Vixens, Elsa. I could have probably made this post an entire thing about Elsa, but I held back. One is good enough.... for now, I suppose.

Raya is definitely new and due to the circumstances of her movie release, she didn't hit the wider audience, unfortunately. Raya is actually not a bad movie and Raya is awesome. She deserves moments, for sure. And that... is a moment.

Elisa Maza is someone who is easily forgotten thanks to the Gargoyles being a black sheep within Disney's line up. She does get some love from certain folks (ahem...ARLEN). Still, she deserves more and I'm glad that she does come around every now and then! Best to get her during day time for sure.

Well Mummy does take his own spin of the two darlings of the House of Mouse--Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, of course. The other funny thing is that the kidnappers are awfully familiar ... people. With that said, while Minnie and Daisy are a bit more 'fan-depictions', they are, nonetheless, the Minnie and Daisy so they deserve to be in this spotlight for sure!

It's said that Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time... well, I think Maleficent and Aurora's thing is just as legendary. And I do like the twist that some folks put with these two. And Maleficent is just a wonderful villainess for sure. SanePerson does wonderful work too. Honestly, I think Aurora is loving the work too just by that expression. I believe she wants a gag.

I lied! One more Elsa from none other than Xlayers/Haru, a familiar artist on my blog. I know it's a canonical bondage time but, hey, let's just say I love Xlayer's take on Elsa in DiD, more often than not!

Until Next Time!

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