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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (56)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

#Tied_Up_Tuesday time!!! So, what, pray tell, do we have here tonight? Well, I'll be blunt and say that it's nothing that's going to touch base on a theme or whatnot. As usual, the only theme here is gals in bondage and that's quite alright, right? If any of y'all are on my blog page and have not realized that I'm a massive #DiD fan, then I don't know what to say if you're still here. Well, let's get into it then!

Doing something slightly different than the norm for a DiD moment. While not entirely a bondage moment, it is definitely bindings and it involves Ranni tied up. Well, mystical energy, of course. She's mirroring Marika's most iconic pose. Definitely a good moment and for Ranni, adding a gag and fixing her left arm (main?) like her other right arm, would definitely put the pose higher up.

NickLaw-Arts is an artist I really want to work with. He has a certain flare and signature preference that really makes him stand out. A lot of rope? Check. Tape gag? Check. And a Damsel that's usually tied up for a reason but can still kick some behind? Yeah. Check. That's NickLaw for ya. Would love to work with him one day.

While I haven't played Mario for ages now, I still do like the character and the supporting characters that came out within the last few years. Rosalina.... yeah I adore her. Palutena? I know nothing about her. But hey, a damsel is a damsel!

TAS Batman is legendary. The introduction of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is more than appreciated. She got her moment, but I do love the fact that the DiD community gives her time more essence. I'm all for it!

The--Defiler puts in another enticing comic page. His stories do take some morbid turns but the damsels he had drawn and allow us to enjoy. The damsel in this story reminds me of Caitlin Fairchild (who is also well known #DiD herself). Honestly, I thought it was a Gen 13 fan comic. But no, it's not. But no matter. Hoping he finds the other pages.

Now let's get into a rare damsel--but a VERY welcome gal to get the rope treatment. She had some moments in the cartoon (The Avalon arc), though none gave her a gag. Glad the community corrects that. Also, her gargoyle form? Yeah, I'm all for it!

Well, that's about it for this week. We've got a new month upon us! August just means more DiD-ness to enjoy! Hoping that I can share more goodies new and old for us to enjoy within this small sapce of mine.

Until Next Time!

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