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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Chair Tied I

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

First day of #TuT for September! The theme for this Tuesday is about damsels having a comfortable time by being forced to sit down--CHAIRTIED baby! Okay so it would have been obvious to add Jessica Drew in here, but I didn't. Well, she's the avatar but she won't be in here. One of my Vixens will be featured though along with other fantastic damsels! With that said, let's get into it, shall we?

Slouching and sleeping on the job. Makoto sure isn't going to be helping her fellow Senshis any time soon, is she?

And neither is Haruka since she is also a bit tied up. I love that panty shot there! Also, if y'all didn't figure out that this was SleepyComics, don't know what to tell you.

Chapter 6-110 by: Kidnapinc

Gotta love that angle, right? Clamps and finger-pinching moment for sure!

Kidnapinc had this render set going on for a bit and while there were tons of variations and deviations, it was still a good set and it gave us plenty of DiD moments, and the last little 'twist' was nice. Plenty of chairtied scenes but I wanted to nab the simplest ones!

Charted Babs v1 by: kmkbdsm

What's more, to say about this amazing Deviant that keeps gracing us with beautiful DiD pics of (mostly) DC babes in their Animated Series looks? And there are PLENTY of chair-tied scenes, that's for sure!

Selina, Canary, more Barbara, Ivy... that's a lot of hotness!

The only one that didn't get an extra love is Ivy, it seems. But hey, least she still gets the chance to sit down and not have to talk for a bit.

I swear kmkbdsm really is honing in on a certain iteration of the DC hotties and I'm all for it, you know! TAS DC gals definitely had their own sexual appeal despite the fact that they were, at some point, targeting a younger demographic. Still, we, the perverted DiD community, can usually make it fit our flavor.

Ah, April O'Neil is more than familiar with taking a seat in her DiD situations. This particular piece is a great homage and a good upgraded DiD moment, for sure.

Now that is a unique set of Damsels. A whole lot of Scarlets that I can appreciate. Yes, the gals are enticing and want to be in these moments--but for me, the theme is also important. Red. Scarlet. Ropes. Tape gagged. Awesome.

Psylocke and Black Widow are rarely in the same panel without one or the other or both being background noise in a large Endgame-like moment. Luckily, jwind fixed that! These two are definitely front and center!

Paid Under the Table and its conclusion, a DiD-Fic was written by the late Lathiira. Clearly, Jwind and Lat had chemistry together. For the tragedy that struck us, at least we get to have some goodies left behind. Miss you, Lat.

A legendary artist who is commissioned by a good friend, Wildcard4774, Aya is always welcome to take a seat and enjoy the spotlight she rarely ever gets. Zip ties, rags as a gag, duct tape... aesthetically modest but still as stringent as it should be. Aya's going to have a long night!

I gotta give it to ritz-216 for doing an amazing job of commissioning the Snow Queen in a less-than-common outfit. While she's not the Vixen most associated with Charities, Elsa still pulls it off quite well. Doesn't she?

You know what? No. Cheetara never had her moment! That is a crime especially since it was back then and forward thinking wasn't the hot buzz. Cheetara would have looked rather well along with the other damsels of that time. Luckily, Demitetus rectified that. Also, he's got a theme all about chair-tied damsels. Rather fitting for this week.

Well, that's a whole lot of sitting around for one week, eh? Please do check out the artists that are featured! Trust me, their gallery's got something for y'all.

Until Next Time!

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