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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (82)"


Alright, let's do another Tied Up Tuesday, shall we? We're not going to go for any kind of theme this time. Let's just enjoy the multiple genres of Damsels contributing to the community--and of course, can't forget about the artists behind these magnificent works of art. With that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

Kusujinn has a thing for long-haired asian beauties. He has a thing for tying them up and the ghost from The Ring doesn't get shafted of some wonderful DiD time. Also, she comes with organic restraints so we are all for it, eh?

Kidnapic is back with a new series dedicated to Maggie from TWD. It's still pretty early but it has gotten some traction since we last shared it on Tied Up Tuesday! Finally, she's gagged! Oh yeah, and her boobs are showing. Go figure!

PerilChaser is on a roll as of late. I love this bondage. So many boxes checked! No idea who this OC but she's definitely got it 'good'.

The Trophy Case by JPEGER is still one of my personal favorites when it comes to the DiD community here in DA. The Princess of Power is a definitely nice trophy to show off! The bondage-themed collection is something I can appreciate.

Now we have another fine work from LoZ! The timeless Video Game Goddess, Chun Li, continues to grace us with her distress. We are now in Street Fighter VI and Chun Li's new look is something I'm appreciating. Juri is still Chun Li's rival. And Chun Li also had a crossover with Yor Forger. Great times.

But Chun Li and Cammy White are still a thing. Them together is a classic thing. Nothing else to say other than that.

Don't dream about tying you up, Shadow-Heart? Yeah. Not gonna happen.

So Aria got herself a magic lasso too? Also--Shepard likes it. I mean, we all like her like that so there's no complaints ANYWHERE, right?

I've got this strange feeling that I've shared this before. I can't remember but Mikasa as a damsel is always fitting. She brings her own gag (and apparently blindfold too) and restraints so she's all ready to go!

Yes, I've really started watching MHA and have been enjoying it. There are some characters I like more than others but hey, I'll take Momo along with Toga--my favorite psycho school girl. And Psyclopathe had been comm'ed to do two DiD pics of Toga in some distress. I'm all for it! One day I'm going to have Toga be part of some Crusade or something. I mean... she is on the list, right?

Nice to see Peach stay in her lane. She's a damsel. Nothing less nothing more. And Samus... yeah she can be a captor every once in a while. She deserves some time away from her distress.

I know. Missed last Tuesday. Hopefully make up for it by sharing some of the amazing artwork from these talents. Do visit their pages to see more of this kind of stuff and then some! Otherwise, will see what this page has for the next few!

Until Next Time!

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