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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday Black Widow (Lathiira Tribute)"

Alright, Lathiira! Time for another Tuesday in your honor, sir. This time it's none other than your favorite spy, Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow. Without further adieu, let's get into this week's Tied Up Tuesday, shall we?

Classic comic book Natasha is always nice. What's also nice is Skelebomb putting his talent into the character.

I do miss working with Miles. Truth be told, probably one of the friendliest dudes I've worked with. And he can draw. Look at this. The story ain't for everyone but the DiD-ness here is amazing. Yeah, Natasha ain't gonna stand a chance at all. So does the ball gag also force the wearer to tell the truth?

I wasn't a fan of the Black Widow solo movie but I do like her white suit. I also do like the humiliation in this scene.

BlackProf is an amazing artist. Also, the comm'er made sure to point out that even if Black Widow gets the best suit for her from Stark, she's still a damsel when all tied up!

And speaking of BlackProf--how can I NOT include his Spider-Woman VS series, the Vixens, Rikku, and Terra definitely got in on the fun! Natasha was snagged by Jess organically.

They were kind enough to make sure that Natasha's waist and feet were warm. However, the chains and duct tape may not be something that Balck Widow appreciates.

I loved this collaboration between Jwind and Lathiira. The fact that the two insane Deviants followed it up too? Yeah, this has to be appreciated here.

One of Orangeboy's DiD art that got me knocking at his door. The MCU Natasha needed real DiD moments and I'm glad the community talents like OC provided!

Makes me appreciate that White Suit even more. Probably would've enjoyed the movie more had we had a real moment like this for Black Widow.

I posted this comic before in a TuT, I believe. I love the pure DiDness of this. Lat definitely has a thing for it too.

This is a good set. It's always good remaking and giving homage to the not-so-great DiD scene with Natasha. Though there is one thing to appreciate about this scene. Much like a certain EPISODE of a low-budget US Sentai, it has the potential to tweak out. And the community appreciates and takes it upon themselves to make the magic happen!

I'm sure that's what the Winter Soldier DiD after he shot her. Bye-bye bikinis, hello ropes and gags!

Magic is Black Widow's weakness. That is all. More ropes, I'm sure Lathiira would say.

Well, that's it for this time around, friend. I know you're enjoying what's going on with Natasha through DiD community. And I know that these are just a small fragments of Black Widow DiDness out there, but good enough for a Tuesday.

Until Next Time!

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