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Art Share: "Tied up Tuesday DC I"

Alright, folks! Let's do a little bit of a themed TuT, shall we? What's the theme? Well, DC Comics! The land was filled with Damsels galore! It's time to dive right into some of the beautiful distress of DC's finest damsels! Let's get to it!

Star Girl is making her rounds within the DiD community. Fire, on the other hand, isn't too common. But, hey, I'll take both damsels to represent the DC DiD universe!

Harleen is pretty popular, but I will say that this outfit isn't very common at all in terms of DiD moments. She's a naughty Asylum inmate so I'm sure Harley has had these kinds of treatments more than once. As always, OC DiD it well.

PerilChaser really made the "First Time" meme even more intriguing than it was before, right? And also, we have Lois Lane front and center with a full on DiD moment. Also, not just A LOIS LANE. THE animated version of Lois from the 90s. And also, TWO animated Lois Lanes! While I can't say I've seen the recent take of Lois, nor can I say it's my favorite look out of the two, she is unique with her design and she DiD get a canonical moment.

Also, this meme and moment really puts it all together, eh? Least TAS Lois Lane gets some good 'draft' and sun for her legs, right?

Also, when she wore her red alternate outfit... yeah. If Lois ever joins the Crusade, she'd be in this lovely alternate.

Why does Selina have fangs? I know, I know! She's a Cat-like person, but she's... wait. Look. Barbara is all bound up! And bat-panties? Down! Those pics are gonna get all the likes in the world! Let's go!

Yellow isn't the weakness of Green Lantern gals. It's bondage. Also, Jessica isn't around any chairs so she's not weakened at this moment. With that said, Arisia is another good one to really find more distressing moments, eh?

So there's this version of Harley that gained some popularity when she was first introduced. She was a bit more lewdy. If Batman in that universe wasn't such a blood-sucking nutjob and more of a freak, this is probably how and where this Harley would've ended up in.

And what is a DC DiD post without Wonder Woman, right? Drawn by ReneMicheletti and colored by Kristherion, we got ourselves a double DiD-ness. Nothing more to say than that right? Oh, yeah. Where are their gags, right? Yeah I know!

I feel like this was posted before. Right? Might be because Orange is a consistent contributor to my gallery, whether he be an artist for my commissions or as an artist for Tied Up Tuesday. One thing is certain though: need more Raven here!

Well, that's about it for now. DC DiDs will never be a rare sight in this corner of the web and here and there, the DC gals will be featured for Tuesday every now and then!

Until Next Time!

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