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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Halloween 2023

#Tied_Up_Tuesday special edition time! This month is going to be about spookiness, bats, cats, and the like! For those who didn't catch on, it's Halloween month so there you go! Going to try to go with the theme throughout October for y'all to enjoy! With that said, let's go for it, shall we?

Catwoman! What's better than one Catwoman? A Selina Kyle dominating another Selina Kyle! What's better than two Selina Kyles? A Catwoman making a less appealing Catwoman understands that she only looks good bound and gagged. Okay, that's some opinion right there, but oh well, right? This one I've been meaning to share for a bit now. Looks darn good!

Witch hunts. A definite fitting (and morbid) part of a Halloween theme, eh? Alright well, it got a bit more intense with what's going on outside the burning of the stake BUT, it is rather appealing for a certain few within the community.

Root makes an appearance once again! I do enjoy their art and I do enjoy their art. I adore their black and white artwork despite they're really good at colors as well. At any rate, a witch about to be punished? The crotch rope is a good addition of course. Someone catch that hat! I bet it has some witchcraft laced with it.

Alright well, not really my favorite covering a lovely damsel's face like that but it DOES fit the bill of this theme. So with that said, let it be a fun October, eh?

So that's about it with #TuT this week! Enjoy and check out the artists' galleries!

Until Next Time!

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