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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Render III

Halloween is the theme for this month, I know, but we are doing another skip for a week and basing the theme on Renderer's this week. But we #DiD have Scarlet Witch up there as a cover art from my #commission so, yeah. With that said, let's go.

Aerith usually wears a very conservative outfit so to see her offer some skin to our eyes is something that will always be a delight. In an alternate universe where Aerith is a gal who likes to take care of herself, she finds herself tapped up by some jealous gal who can't compete with Aerith's cuteness. Thanks Ramzes for this!

The "collection" series is not original to Oldmanjaay but I do appreciate their own take on the niche trope. Also, can never get enough of Lara Croft in DiD!

Sauron is definitely a perve. Mr. Lycos was probably the type who looked at the girls' locker and stole a peek or two then got beat up by the jocks for staring at their girls. Well, now he can stare all he wants cause for the most part, they're gonna do what they tell them to do.... like have some of the most powerful Mutants and fighters put on a collar, strip to their jungle wear, and allow themselves to get tied to a pole. Yep, Kark's living it easy--good job, Sauron! Thank you, Daniel.

Can never get enough of Resident Evil Gals getting all trussed up. For Ada's case, it's Jill taping her up. Love the details on the green tape's wrinkles! Love the details of the tape hugging Ada's face and body. Awesome!

And my man Destro for his preference of forced wedding. Wonder Woman is a gal who is no stranger to being a #Tied_Up_Tuesday model, but sheesh. Let's change things up a bit by putting some Destro flare.

This renderer is brand new to my radar but my goodness, do they have something! I won't say much but definitely will keep an eye out and feature more of their artwork in the future for sure! That's about it for now.

And to somewhat pay homage to the theme of Halloween, here's Black Cat getting love for her behind. BlenderTaper continues to live up to their name!

Well, next week is a spooky day. Going to pump one for that week because we are heading off to November! Check out the renderers' galleries for more amazing stuff! So with that!

Until Next Time!

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