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Banpresto: Eternal Sailor Moon

Banpresto is definitely on a roll this year and lo and behold! A Sailor Moon merchandise in my collection! Eternal Sailor Moon out of all things, right? Well, let's get into this statue because there's plenty of things to say about my original "Victorious Vixen" (that's right!).

Very..... rose-y? I'm not even sure what all those flowers has to do with Sailor Moon. Oh, right. Tuxedo Mask. Duh.

I actually like how the box looks. It's very flashy and quite glammed out. Then again, with the side of the box saying "Glitter & Glamours", it's quite expected, right? I also like the feather designs that's decorating the side of the box as well. Very Eternal Sailor Moon like!

And this part is designed quite well! Looks very newspaper-like and I do enjoy it! It represents certain aspects of the figure as well as giving it some style without going overbearing or being too simple.

And this side of the box is also done quite well. Yes, been a while since I have been impressed this much by a box!

Admittedly, Eternal Sailor Moon isn't my favorite look for Usagi, nor is it my favorite season.

Now as impressive as the box is, there's plenty of things to talk about in regards to Eternal Sailor Moon. Just the overall presentations of this statue is just something to really enjoy for a Sailor Moon fan, casual, or not. First let me talk about the pose! It's not the usual Sailor Moon posture--staff/scepter out ready for an attack and/or the Sailor Moon post-transformation pose. It's a bit more calming but very 'strong' stance (I know, for a Sailor Moon sentence, strong is not the first word); it's simple and not dynamic, but saying that, there are plenty of 'movements' with this. Her hair is probably the ones that really impresses me the most! So much care are put into her two odangos that they stand out. I love how they are up and about and 'moving'. The ribbons on her back also has a slight movement to them as well. Everything else is fine, like I said, there's not a ton of dynamic but the little things with her hair gives plenty of depth to it.

Each 'feathers' are sculpted making Usagi's wings look like angel/bird wings.

Now I've got to talk about those wings because there is plenty to love! In the original anime of the 90s, the wings were so plain and 'cutesy' that it was practically one of the main reasons why I didn't like the Eternal Sailor Moon outfit as much as I liked the Sailor Moon S/Super S. But for this statue, they added some good details on there!

Like the hair and the wings, everything else has care and attention. It's a nicely sculpted figure with a perfect body type for Sailor Moon.

The coloring is spot on. Definitely cleanly painted and done well. All the colors are picked well and I don't see any imperfections. The face is also done well and she looks like Sailor Moon (in the modern day of Sailor Moon Crystal). And all of Eternal Sailor Moon's color are all recognizable and intact. Can't complain.

And look at those layers of sculpting.... it's well done. No complaints. For real.

And something I don't like to use for photo is Eternal Sailor Moon's "stand". It's effective but it's just plain ugly. I'm using it now when displaying Sailor Moon but for pictures I definitely didn't use it at all except for this picture.

She definitely stands ready, saying her lines and telling the Negative Force that she has come to right wrongs and triumph all evil. And that means possibly you!

Surprisingly, I don't have a lot of Sailor Moon paraphernalia. I have a Bandai First Season Sailor Moon which I have in storage. And here she is next to POP Super Sailor Moon. Vastly different figures I know, but it's the best comparison I have.

Well there's nothing else to say and it's pretty obvious that I can recommend this. It's a decently priced statue with the details that isn't too far off from some more expensive statues. The pose isn't what one would expect but it works and the details placed in some areas are definitely something any collector can appreciate. With that said, I can definitely recommend her for any Sailor Moon fans out there looking for a modern statue of the Senshi that isn't going to cost an arm.

Until Next Time!

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