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Bishoujo: Black Cat Steals Your Heart

#Bishoujo Black Cat 2, or Black Cat Steals Your Heart, is a Bishoujo is something I didn't think I wanted. Even with me being apprehensive, I decided to go ahead and get her. It is Black Cat after all; one of Spidey's popular allies (and lover) so she is definitely part of my fandom. But is that enough to justify on getting a second Bishoujo of her? Was it a worthy purchase? Well, let's get on with the review and find out!

Surprisingly, it's not a very unique box. What I mean by that is that usually #Kotobukiya does something to make the packaging match the character inside the Bishoujo line, funny enough, I feel this is pretty generic. It doesn't have that flare outside the fact that it's still the pattern that we are familiar with when it comes to Bishoujo. Though I might be judging it based on my experience with the Pennywise box; which, to be fair, it seems that the horror boxes get their own 'treatment' so perhaps I shouldn't make judgements based on that.

But as always, the back of the box stays true to the usual Bishoujo aesthetics. The promotional art by Shunya Yamishita along side the prototype Bishoujo is always a sight for sore eyes!

As far as the base, well, it's actually quite impressive to be honest. It's also quite unique and pretty true to the character. Black Cat is, after all, a cat burglar and expensive diamonds are usually in her crosshairs. Also, the color scheme pays homage to Spider-Man's classic outfit. And one thing I was concerned about when I saw the promotional pictures was its durability and ability to hold the figurine; suffice it to say, it does its job. The lack of heavy weight behind the (faux) diamonds did take me off guard.

I am a big fan of Marvel and Felicia Hardy. While she's not exactly Jessica Drew or Betsy Braddock level, Black Cat is still high in my "sexy super heroine" meter. Black Cat is without a doubt a shameless and equally as sexy copycat of Catwoman. To the bone. Cat burglar, sexy black catsuit, has a thing for a reluctant Superhero--not to mention Felicia and Selina uses their sexuality to their advantage. Suffice to say, Catwoman came first, but, Black Cat does enough things to make her stand just a foot or two (or six feet) apart from the original source. Aesthetics alone, Felicia has something going for her that definitely allows casual fans to know the difference between the two. Needless to say, Bishoujo does its magic again with this lovely Marvel (anti)heroine!

Pose is a huge factor to making a statue appealing. Character love is definitely high up there but when we have someone like a Marvel babe stand all-vanilla and boring, then I doubt we'll get the biggest fanfare. Black Cat had that issue on her first round as a Bishoujo statue in my opinion (more on that later). Luckily for the second round, Black Cat did steal my heart, thus why here I am! The pose is alone is something to be enamored about because it pays homage to the character in the most Bishoujo way! Her stance is rather sexy, as it should be, in her hands are jewelry, something that Felicia is admittedly known to be drawn to, and that expression is subtle but still very giving. It's not dynamic nor does it show her agility and how she is in a usual basis, but it definitely accomplishes more than Black Cat 1.0. Again, let me briefly mention the dynamic in her hair and the fur in her boots! They are 'moving' and they look 'organic'.

The sculpt is gorgeous if I was to put it plainly. The details put on the wrinkles of her catsuit is definitely obvious despite it being an all black costume. The gorgeous waves on her hair complements her subtle but dynamic enough pose.

Hair sculpting is always a strength of the Bishoujo line

Paint job all in all is something that this series is known for as well. Felicia isn't the most colorful character in terms of her costume but the simplicity could be botched if not given the proper care. Luckily Black Cat got plenty of love and it shows. The black skintight suit is shiny--which gives it the latex feel. The boots and gloves have a matted look and the fur on them are all properly shaded adding to a 'realistic' look. Her hair's sculpt is complimented by the white color that is drastically different in color from the fur. It also has proper shading as well giving it more of a pop out look.

And while Felicia is mostly black and white, her skin tone, the eyes, and jewelries gives a small sprinkle of different colors. It's well placed and well thought of.

I just love the way her hair goes over her one eye from this angle.

Need I also mention that the way her legs curl up is just plain sexy! Again, very feminine and very fitting!

Here's "Black Cat Steals Your Heart" right next to Black Cat 1.0. Wow what a difference. I never thought the first statue was bad but I always thought there was something off about her. At least, she didn't feel like the Black Cat that I was familiar with. I knew Felicia hardy during during her run with Spidey post-Secret War, during the animated series, Maximum Carnage, and during Mark Bagley's run with Spidey so I had a very sexualized Felicia Hardy. The first Black Cat felt like a younger and Manga version of Felicia. Again, not bad and it didn't age too terribly but compared to the new one, well, it's definitely not superior.

Another hit for #kotobukiya and another statue that I can definitely recommend! It brings a fresh take and it shows just how much better the Bisboujo line has gotten. I'd say she's a must to Black Cat fans even if they have the older one! Truly a delightful piece!

Until Next Time!

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