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Bishoujo: Pennywise (IT 2017)

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A little creepy? Yes, it's a Pennywise #Bishoujo! I know! Crazy!

I don't typically show the top of the box but I just had to show this one off. It's got love as much as it does personality so I'm pretty impressed with this.

I've always been enamored and/or satisfied with #Kotobukiya's packaging treatment of their merchandise. They serve as protection as well as glorious visuals for collectors alike. With Shunya Yamashita's wonderful art in full display, it's hard not to really enjoy this cardboard other than what it is supposed to be. With Pennywise, they maintained the usual theme and really incorporating the evil Clown(ness?)'s ambiance. Seriously, well played.

When prototypes and artwork collide in a perfect dance, you get Bishoujo. It's beautiful. That's all there is to say!

Stylish shoes!

The base is so well done. It's a puddle of blood with a paper boat floating ominously along Pennywise's foot. The name "SS George" reminds her victims of the evil she is more than capable of. But look at that sculpting! Look at the metallic paint!

I don't collect the Bishoujo Horror line even if they are all amazing in their own right. However, there was something about Pennywise that really got to me. I watched the original IT a long time ago and a remake of it, well, I wasn't opposed to the idea of the remake and Pennywise looked absolutely terrifying. Didn't get the chance to watch both movies though but just from my safe distance, Pennywise looked way more intimidating in the remake. Then I saw this genderbent version of Pennywise and, again, I couldn't help but be drawn in. I gave in and bought her and, well, here she is in all her terrifying glory!

The idea of Pennywise's costume, at least from what I have seen, has something to do with victorian clowns. If anyone looks up pictures of those clowns, one would see why the idea of Pennywise's costume for the 2017 remake fit right in for the archaic evil being. Clowns are scary in general, but those clowns... creepy as heck! Translating that into a genderbent version, Shunya does his usual antics and spices up said outfit to make it sexy but still pays homage to the original source material. One can hardly miss that this is 2017 Pennywise with the puffy shoulders, the pants/shorts, and ruffles! Ruffles everywhere. Of course, there are more than plenty of liberties to give Pennywise more feminine aesthetics like the giant bow, giving her poofy shorts and thigh-high stockings. Her hairstyle is also updated to give it more appeal.

I do adore that giant bow! Definitely a selling point for sure!

I love the pose. It's very feminine with the way she is 'handing' the balloon towards her victim. The little curtsy left hand and the way she is bending forward is just sexy-Bishoujo style! And of course, the details in her clothing, the wrinkles, and so forth are just breathtaking! Though I will point out that the stiff wire for the balloon does seem a bit off at certain angles, but it's fine. I can work my way around it to make it look convincing.

As far as colors go, it's pretty apparent that this Bishoujo knocks it out of the park. Pennywise has a few shades of white but it is definitely accentuated with the shadowing, the various different shades of plastic used, the blood-red tips on the bow and some of the ruffles, and the immaculate paint job on her face just sells.

Look at that face. Look at that innocent but menacing smile. She's gorgeously evil!

And here is Bishoujo Pennywise next to Bishoujo Chucky. Again, I don't think I'm going to get too heavy into the Horror line up but man, these two are gorgeous next to each other!

All in all, there is not much to say other than I love this Bishoujo! Another win for Kotobukiya with another fantastic piece. Everything you expect from the Bishoujo line up is with Pennywise and I don't regret having this gal in my collection. Now let's hope she doesn't come to life and strangle me with that balloon....

Until Next Time!

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