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Bishoujo: MLP Announcements!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Remember THIS? Guess what? It's still real for me and it's going to be even more real when it starts hitting next year! Going to jump into the latest news I have gathered in this unorthodox, but much wanted (by me, anyways) #Bishoujos!

By now we all know that Pinkie Pie is a confirmed product. A prototype of its sculpt had already hit some conventions and it is spreading through the internet so I am not the first one to have this info, obviously. It looks like we are getting both an Equestrian gal and the pony version of the character/s and I don't mind that. Also, we have a release date for the overly-joyful and unpredictable pony and May 2019 couldn't be any farther if you are a MLP fan.. ahem... Brony. I'm a low key Brony, mind you! Not a full blown one so don't judge me!

The inclusion of physical and unpainted statues of Pinkie Pie is not the only thing hitting the toy new department (credit to whoever took this picture). If I am not elated for some tangible product shots of Pinkie Pie then the announcement of my favorite Pony:

...Just made things ESPECIALLY exciting. Voiced by none other than Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle may be the central pony G4 MLP is based around, but she is not without her merits. And that's not all!

Yes, Flutthershy! Fall and Winter 2019 is going to be MLP Bishoujo based. And don't forget that we have three other Ponies that haven't gotten the illustration promotion just yet:

Can't wait to see how Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash is going to look in their Bishoujo form! AND YES, I'm getting all six! Don't judge!

Until Next Time!

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