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Bishoujo: Rogue Reborn (News)

Well, another piece of news from #Kotobukiya in regards to their #Bishoujo line! It's been some time since something REALLY caught my attention to the point that I pull the trigger from the get-go. This time, Koto really did it! Let's just look into it real quick, shall we?

Let's start off with Shunya Yamashita's art! Again, the artist is a key component in making these figurines so beautiful. Bless his art for sure!

The Southern Belle herself, Rogue! While Rogue never broke the ceiling to reach my TOP 10 gals, I do think she is one of the finer Marvel gals out there. She definitely deserved a rebirth! Just that meme alone with Rogue from the 90s animated series is enough to push for a revival with this Marvel heroine!

I'm loving the base, her pose, and the idea. Iceman's powers and Wolverine's!

Wouldn't be surprised if they do a variant to show a different skin color or something. Maybe metallic for Colossus? Anyways, I'll keep an eye on this one. But I already pulled the trigger on a preorder so there's that. Will keep things updated as I get more news.

Until Next Time!

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