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Bishoujo: Spider-Woman (Review 2.0)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Spider-Woman is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. To have both versions of her Bishoujo is a must for a diehard #Jessica_Drew fan like myself! So revisiting these beauties is obviously a no brainer for my new domain. Let's check her out in this day and age and see how she still stands.

Now there are two versions of this #Bishoujo. The standard version was available for mass retail and metallic version was for the SDCC 2014 exclusive. Both are hard to come by and very expensive no matter WHERE one finds it. Because I prefer the metallic version more, I'll be 'reviewing' the SDCC exclusive. They're both the same, to be honest aside from the colors.

I'll be skipping the box for this revisit and jump right into the figure. What to say? First, I'm really happy that Kotobukiya went ahead and did a Jessica Drew Spider-Woman #Bishoujo. Merchandise for her is hard to come by so I'll take anything I can. And obviously the one thing I adore about this one is the way they decided to pose her.

While it is Bishoujo, and Bishoujo is well known for doing a little fanservice here and there, Spider-Woman has a fitting posture for the type of character she is. SURE it's definitely sexualized, but she's still doing a spider-y gesture, crouching down as if she just landed from jumping/flying. And the curvaceous body type she has is defintely accentuated with this sculpting. The skin tight red costume does her body justice, suffice to say. And it's pretty obvious that the back of Jessica's costume doesn't have a lot going on but there are some artwork that shows her either having her yellow symbol on her back and/or the black lines that wraps around. Kotobukiya took the liberty to use the black lines for their Bishoujo version of Spider-Woman.

I may sound like a complete pervert but how can one not take the time to adore the convenient posture that definitely highlights those curves and legs?

Kotobukiya is known for their pretty girls and Spider-Woman is definitely in that category for many reasons. And of course she also retains the fading/transparent paint job on the tip of her hair. Very nice dymanics on her hair as well!

It's easy to see that she is squatting down for a spider-y moment like all folks Spider-Man and/or Spider-Woman related usually does. Right about this moment, Spider-Man would probably be shooting webs but Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew does not get webbing unlike her male counterpart (that would be Julia Carpenter; Spider-Woman II or Arachne). She does get 'venom blasts' and I believe this statue is trying to imply that she is about to blast an unfortunate villain. Or maybe she's just being flirtatious and trying to get Hawkeye's attention or something. Still, it looks pretty hott.

Throughout the course of the pictures above, it's easy to see that her base isn't the most elaborated piece we have seen from the Bishoujo line ups. However, it's not terrible nor is it something I really complain about. Not only does it have good sculpting with the web, said stand also has a storage underneath for her other face that won't be using on display. I'd say that is rather convenient and appreciated!

Speaking of, here's what she looks like maskless.

As for the standard version, the face isn't any different either. Both are nicely done. Now the style of her face is anime-like; for those who aren't into anime, this wont't be a plus. I adore anime and western animation. If they can draw/sculpt a female character pretty then it's good for me.

Standard version with a mask.

It should come to no surprise to anyone that time has done nothinh against this statue for me. While I favor the metallic version more, I still adore just how well painted both versions are, the clean way they made her face look, the well sculpted (and sexy) body, the way her hair is 'moving', the posture, and the option of having either a masked or maskless Jessica Drew; not to mention that convenient storage under her stand. All in all, this is one of my favorite Bishoujos up to date. While she did get a revamped costume recently and I would love for Kotobukiya to explore that with their Bishoujo line or even their ARTFX, chances are, they won't. Least we are getting a Marvel Legends of that! Regardless, I am still very happy with these!

Well, that's it for Jessica Drew, for now. Again, she is not an easy catch with her inflated prices, but if one really wants her, there are options. I will probably explore some of my older Bishoujos in the future just to see how they stood the test of time.

Until next time!

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