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Bishoujo: Update (News)

Well, it's that time again! I know I just updated not too long ago with Felicia, but hey, #Bishoujo decided to dropped a bunch of stuff so here we are! Let's take a gander at the update, shall we?

Well, here is Felicia's sculpt. Last time we got an artwork but this time around we got the prototype sculpt. Looking good so far.

I most likely will not get this one, but who knows? Despite me not knowing anything or having a connection with the character, she might turn out really cute; too cute for me to deny.

Then there is Morrigan Aensland. I have some connections with this character and I know I am going to get her! The prototype full colored just makes her that much more delicious!

I already have her preordered, of course! Very happy, so far, with how she looks and how she turned out! I'm sure the mass release will look just as good! Very excited for her for sure!

Last but not least is Mai. Will also be getting her for obvious reasons! Right now, all we have is the artwork and we all know how artwork translates to the statue form! VERY excited!

Until Next Time!

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