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Bishoujo: Winter 2021 Release

Oh boy! Here we go! Some #Bishoujo news to eat up! I swear, when I think it's going to be a slow year, the hard working people over at Koto decides to push out some amazing stuff! Let's take a gander at what we have to offer from this week.

To buy, or not to buy? I wanted to stop with the Mane 6 and with Applejack in my loot box with BigBadToyStore, I'm pretty much all set. But with the announcement of SunsetShimmer AND the Princesses, I might just have to cave in to a few more.

I mean, just look at Celestia! She looks amazing even if she's just in prototype form!

Now, on the Marvel side, we have Laura Kinney in her Wolverine costume. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, honestly. The pose is what most people complain about and also, it's Laura in Logan's costume. It's okay, but honestly, it's not as sexy as her school girl outfit or her X-Force outfit. Also, it's not as 'unique' as her 'black' version of this suit. All in all, this will probably be an easy pass.

Dark Stalkers is a series that I like more within the realm of the 'VS' series. I didn't get fully into the Dark Stalkers as much as I was into Street Fighter, but hey, can't deny how much I love me some Morrigan Aensland! With that said... a Bishoujo Morrigan? Are you serious?! I'm down! Not sure if Lilith, Q.Bee, and Felicia will find their way to my collection, but the Succubus is no brainer!

SNK!? Yuri? Athena? And, of course, Mai Shiranui? Yes! That Kunonichi is a no brainier. The SNK fighting series may not be my Street Fighter, they are still, however, worthy and Mai will find her way to my shelves for sure!

There are more announcements that I didn't cover. Go check out Kotobukiya's blog post to get the full info! But, seriously, excited for some of these! Will keep y'all posted!

Until Next Time!

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