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(Toy News) Bishoujo: Rainbow Dash and Applejack 'prototypes'

Well, it's been some time since I had some toy news update, but considering that I haven't been the most dedicated of collector of a myriad of reasons, I'd say the ones I still watch out for are things like #Bishoujo. So, with that said, let's see what Tokyo Comicon 2019 dished out! All photos below are from Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collectors.

When I used to watch MLP with some fandom fire, RainbowDash was never my favorite. I found her a bit agitating, but she is a fan favorite and we all have our favorites. She has her good moments even for me and as a Bishoujo statue, I'm going to get her because she looks pretty good. That and I want to complete the Mane Five for the simple fact that their friendship represents a whole lot of deeper meaning than their cliche face value notion. RainbowDash also looks pretty dynamic and her pony version looks on par with her character: cocky and confident all in one wrap!

Applejack is the last prototype to be shown off and much like the others, she's pretty accurate to her drawn image--the one which Shunya Yamashita drew so well!

Much like Dash, Applejack is not my favorite pony. She's probably slightly higher than RainbowDash but for the most part, I find her a bit boring here and there. I do love what she represents with the hard work and honesty.

Her pose isn't as dynamic but it does represent her quite well. Applejack's pony version is also accurate to her show counterpart. I can't wait to have these two in my collection, that's for sure! Speaking of, Twilight Sparkle is on her way!

Until Next Time!

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