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(Toy News) Bishoujo: May 2020 Updates

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It's been some time since I've talked about toy news. I don't really follow a lot and when I do, it usually has something to do with statues, and what statues do I like more than #Bishoujo? At any rate, let's start off with the #MLP series that extended beyond the Mane Six. I was very apprehensive about going outside the Twilight and her friends but with the reveal of Sunset's art... yeah, I'm pretty tempted.

Now Dark Phoenix is something I have already commited myself to and it's pretty obvious as to why. The Preorder is on its way and I'm just waiting to get her. Now, #Kotobukiya threw a curveball that tempts me:

Now, Phoenix isn't my favorite out of the two since her colors don't match my tastes... though, I'm tempted. I'll probably shy away because of the price point. My choice is pretty obvious, of course. The Dark Phoenix is going to be my decision--of course, the green and gold will be in my crosshairs until I have the means to pull the trigger.

Now the horror set isn't something I have been fervent about. I have "Chucky" and I adore it a whole lot. The others, I don't really care for. BUT here comes Pennywise looking like, well, a scary-looking sexy clown(ness?). Now I am BEYOND tempted to get her! I am actually very, VERY close to pulling the trigger as soon as the preorder pops up! Look at that base! Look at that face! The expression! The details! I might be quick to jump because this is just a prototype but Bishoujos usually have a good trend with the final product looking nearly flawlessly like said prototype. Really, I'm pretty excited!

New product aside, Kotobukiya also launched its new website, Koto Inc. Definitely got some good layout and fantastic place to possibly buy some Bishoujos. Definitely excited for upcoming things from Kotobukiya and their Bishoujo line! Most definitely excited to get some of these in my possession for some hands-on review!

Until Next Time!

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