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Cinematics: Captain Marvel

As if this hasn't hit everywhere but, you know, I'm part of the geekdom so here I am sharing. What are my thoughts? Well, I've never been the biggest fan of Captain Marvel. Actually, the Captain Marvel I grew up with is not Carol Denvers, it's Mar-Vell.

Who is actually played by Jude Law in the movie. Not to tangent, but I like Jude Law as an actor. He has played some roles that I really enjoyed. But beyond that, again, THAT is the Captain Marvel I know and grew up with. Looks like we're not getting him, but I'm sure there will be plenty of homage that is going to point to him. And it's pretty obvious that we are not going to get the Ms. Marvel that Carol was known for, are we?

Damn shame, but with how the #MCU is, I'm not totally surprised or too disappointed. But the one thing I REALLY want them to have is:

Or better yet, if we are going to get Spider-Woman in the MCU, we'll probably get her like this:

If I can find the link for this artist, I'll credit. Just doing google images.

Far fetched? A loyal fan of Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman hoping for TOO MUCH? WELL! Spider-Woman HAD some major tie-ins with the Skrulls and the Secret Invasion story line way back when (wow, has it been that long?). I'm really hoping and I don't think I'm grasping straws for the idea here.

At any rate, that's just a very on the surface initial thoughts I have in regards to the new Captain Marvel trailer. As we get closer, I'm sure we'll get more in depth trailers and more reveals. I'm a bit lukewarm to this and it doesn't evoke to a HUGE rush of fandom love, But it does have potential and at this point, Marvel can't do anything wrong to steer me away from my love for the Cinematic Universe. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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