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Cinematics: The Lion King (Live action)

The Lion King is one of my favorite (Lion King, Frozen, and the Little Mermaid) Disney movies ever. It was a movie dearest to many for a plethora of reasons. For a live action version of it to come out next year, this is a BIG thing. I'm terribly excited. And some of these fantastic songs are going to be live too:

So Romantic. Need I say more about it.

And if anyone feels down, listen to this song.

And it comes out 2 days after a special day next year. This is going to be amazing! I have seen two out of the three live action adaptation of some of the classic Disney movies and I have enjoyed them (still have to watch the Jungle Book). No doubt I'm going to enjoy this one like no other. Sos that's my words as of right now!

Until Next Time!

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