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Cinematics: No Way Home

I have always been vocal with my dislike for the #MCU's "Spider-Man". The origins, the inextricable connection Spider-Man (and his lore) had with Tony Stark, the supporting cast (yeah, not a fan of "MJ" even if Zendayas is a beautiful and talented actress), and just the overall vibe doesn't click with me. I am a minority and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My love for Spider-Man has always been about how a person marred with tragedy managed to cope with things through his Spider-Man persona--his humor, and his nonstop jokes--and how a man who should have lost it continues to fight for the good despite.

After Phase I, most MCU movies are filled with cameos and while they are good, I think Spider-Man was victimized with his character being dependent on it. After all, much of his dilemma involves Tony Stark. Though Stephen Strange's involvement is definitely essential and fitting.

Cinematic Live Action Spider-Men

Holland's Spidey does have some of those traits that I love about Comic Book Spidey, but for the most part, he literally was a face from the spiderverse; familiar but a departure nonetheless. Needless to say, after loathing Homecoming, I skipped Far From Home and didn't have any plans to go and see No Way Home. But things changed. Drastically. The "rumors" of Garfield and Maguire showing up piqued my interest.

Then as the rumors continued to swing like a pendulum throughout production of the movie about the first two Spider-Man, some headlines started hitting in regards to past villains from both the original Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man. Celebrated and detested villains are now dropping in to decorate an already heavily narrative third movie. It's almost a Sinister Six!

The fact that these villains were given a much better 'redemption moments' definitely speaks character for the care this movie did. I genuinely liked Electro here and even Lizard had his moments (Peeeterr Parkerrrr).

And while William Dafoe's performance in the first Spider-Man cemented him as a fantastic Green Goblin, there was one major flaw: that "helmet". Mr. Dafoe's face has a certain deviousness to it that covering it with that helmet is a disservice more often than not. Luckily they managed to find a way through keeping his armor on while giving him some purple shreds--a homage to his old look. I would definitely say that his part in the movie is also quite fitting. I adored him.

It was also great to see Tobey Maguire in his old threads too. As one of the pioneers that first launched the pre-MCU days, it was fitting to have him in a grand movie such as this. He hasn't lost a beat, needless to say, and all the references to him and his days was nice. There were also some hints of the closure from the fallout in Spider-Man 3 and I'm glad they mentioned it.

" heart never stopped beating for you."

There will never be a more Spider-Man fitting for a redemption arc than Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man. I loved his version of Spider-Man/Parker even if his movies weren't exactly high on a lot of people's list. I loved the first and enjoyed the second (though as flawed as that one was). I love Emma Stone as Gwen and the relationship the two had definitely was something I adored quite a lot. And her death was done quite right in my opinion, even if "green goblin" was atrocious and forced in the movie. This movie did him right in more ways than one but that the fake out where Tom Holland was going to catch "MJ" but it ended up being Andrew Garfield's moment.... that was amazing and they really gave it some love--they allowed a small window of 'redemption' for Garfield. Also, the whole "I stopped pulling my punches" line was gold.

If I had some actual screenshots in the movie it would be good, but I feel that even if the spoilers are out there, it's best to see and feel things on the big screen for yourselves. The interaction with the three, the moments, the homages, the humor... I feel that this movie did it right. Done quite well.

Speaking of done quite well....

As far as Tom Holland's Spidey, he was more or less the same but I started taking him seriously at a certain point of the movie. And then when he and the Spider-Men met up for the first time, I honestly felt for him and through the lens of the ones who came before him, I finally saw a fragment of a the "Spider-Man" I came to know and love through the years. Still a far cry, but definitely there at last.

Had to use a Hot Toy reference to find a decent pic!

His red and black outfit is nice and his last suit he wore for the final battle wasn't too bad either. That "Iron Spider" though is just ugly. But at least he only wore it for a short while. But his last costume though--that is something people will have to see in the big screen to understand.

So at the end of the day, I really enjoyed this movie; far more than I anticipated I ever would. I can honestly say that it's on the top ten or maybe five of the MCU films that I love. A lot of it had to do with the other Spider-Men having a huge part and their overall arcs were sprinkled in there. Also, the serious and far more 'Spider-Man' tone put into Holland's movie was a welcome addition. All in all, I definitely can't live with myself without recommending this movie. For anyone who is a fan of the MCU Webhead, this continues the trend while sprinkling in some past Spideys, an MCU cinematic flare, and for me, an essential "Spider-Man" tone that I felt had been lacking. Also, the direction that MCU Spidey is going might just be the arc I have been waiting for, albeit a bit of a far cry, but nonetheless, truly felt more rooted to the core of Spider-Man.

Awesome freaking movie.

Until Next Time!

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