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Cinematics: The Batman

Okay folks! I'm sure the internet has done its fair share of "news" telling in regards to the new info we have on that illusive The Batman movie--ranting, raging, all that stuff that is all considered news these days, anyways. But if for some reason someone stumbles on this blog within the next week or two and haven't heard there is a NEW Batman that is casted and it's...

Wait, what? Is that the guy from Twilight? Yes. Robert Pattinson. So am I going to rant and rage?


Why? Because we don't know how this is going to play out. They got the basics right which is enough for me. What's the basics, you say? I hate to sound anti-social justice or social justice-y or whatever but they cast a white actor to play Batman. He's not blockbuster (recently anyways) and I haven't seen him in too much films so I don't know if he's going to be bad or good. I think he can play the part so can't hate. He's white. Bruce Wayne/Batman is a white guy. Sorry but I'd prefer my comic book characters that are portraying THAT specific role to be represented how they were in the comics--there ARE exceptions as long as they are done well (good in my opinion: Nick Fury in the #MCU/bad in my opinion: Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel).

There's also talk that Catwoman and Penguin are going to be the villains? Batman Returns, anyone? At any rate, I'll just have to see how this plays out. I'm not that big of a Batman fan to care but in my opinion, this can be good. It can be bad. Who knows.

Until Next Time!

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